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  1. autism-and-autotune

    Third time's the charm for the charmless

    I don't know what to do. This is the third time that our boundaries have been violated and my parents showed up to my door without warning. Third and a half, if one counts the note which my father left a month ago. I trust that they traveled here, two hours away, because Friday was a holiday and...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    [vent] My father showed up to my home once again...unannounced...

    Yeah, this really isn't my week. Yesterday I was settling down to supper at home as my fiance told me that I wasn't going to be happy with something. Well, here goes, I thought, thinking of house issues or the fallen trees in our yard or maybe their parents had changed plans for a vacation...
  3. Jenisautistic

    Middle of the night thoughts

    Hey everyone, just wanted these videos of some random thoughts I had during the middle of the night
  4. autism-and-autotune

    I'm terrified of taking this step, but I must.

    I'm deciding to finally muster the courage and finally file an official restraining order against my parents. For peace of mind and for the safety of myself and the one who I love, I know that I have to do this. But part of me is frozen, thinking of consequences or just general hesitation. I...
  5. autism-and-autotune

    Can someone help me decode this message?

    I'm trying not to analyze it or decode it or dwell on it too much; I'll need to think, but some perspective of others would be helpful. Thanks in advance. I am wary because I simply don't know if they are sincere, or trying to lure me back in as narcissists are wont to do.
  6. autism-and-autotune

    Advice needed? An odd situation

    I'm unsure if this is even the right place to ask for this sort of advice. Maybe it's not advice I need, but...just a place to part with my thoughts. Thank you in advance for bearing with me. It...well, I don't know how to begin. A person with whom I once had a past has somehow managed to...
  7. autism-and-autotune

    Vent/need for advice? I'm feeling a lot of intrusive thoughts regarding revealing my diagnosis.

    Thanks in advance; this may just be endless word regurgitation. Lately, I have had immense feelings of just wanting to reveal my diagnosis via the Facebook, where all my family could see it (as well as friends and connections of the past). I would, of course, block my parents beforehand, as...
  8. Georgia Galaxy

    Data Entry

    Do any of you have any idea what a job in Data Entry is like? Have you had any experience? My family is considering putting me in the work from home data entry job, which means copying words and typing and stuff.
  9. V

    everything refusal, school intervention

    Looking for advice from experience/literature/intervention ideas. 16 year old boy (i am his teacher)with diagnoses ASS. Above average IQ. Typical autism charateristics (difficulty planning, making choices, overseeing a task, lack of empathy, doesnt feel the need to act socially, etc..). Not...
  10. H

    I think I'm on the autism spectrum

    My friend got diagnosed with ADHD. I started researching neurodivergence so I could understand him better. During my research, I came across ASD. I realised that I identify with signs like Echolalia, stimming, sensory overloads, and keeping to routine. When I talk to people, it’s like I’m...
  11. Rodafina

    What Makes Life Worth Living?

    Trigger warning: suicide There are many of us here who are able and willing to talk about our experiences with feeling suicidal. I am one of those people who has sadly sat on the edge too many times. Clearly, I am here, alive, and the edge has not crumbled beneath me, but some days the edge...
  12. Rodafina

    People squish me. (seeking advice)

    I’m working on being happy. I’m not aiming for permanent bliss. I just want to find enough happiness to support the theory that it’s worth it to face each day and worth it to be alive. So here’s an issue where I could use some counsel – when I am alone, the music is great, I spend time cooking...
  13. savi83

    Amateur/Ham Radio

    Hi everybody, I have been thinking of getting into Amateur/Ham Radio for a while now. I'm not really into the social side of the hobby but have a great interest in the technical side. Once you get to certain level you are able to build circuits to transmit/receive voice/data. Has anyone on...
  14. Jay A

    How to inform my Employer (New Diagnosis)

    Hey there, Thanks to all for a warm welcome to the forum here. I was a little anxious at first, but after doing some browsing and seeing the fun responses to my intro post, I feel better. I could really use some advice about how I should go about letting my employer know of my recent...
  15. Nummulite

    Hello! Waiting for assessment, and I have a question

    Hi everyone! I'm 28 years old and recently got a referral to get assessed for asd. I've come across information that made me realize it's a strong possibility for me, and I want to do more reading about autism, but I'm wondering: should I avoid doing too much research before my assessment...
  16. Devanne

    Hoping some people can relate and/or advise..

    I'm a 23 year old who just graduated college, and I'm struggling to get a job in my field. I've applied for many positions but the interview and hiring process is so draining that I can only handle a few at a time, and I get so burnt out that I end up flopping any follow-up interviews and...
  17. T

    I'? Crious as to if I might be on the autistic spectrum and would like opinions

    Hi, so this is probably gonna be long and kinda all over the place so I'm sorry in advance. I'm 22 and female. Over the last few months I've come to realize I might be mildly autistic?? I don't want to self-diagnose but I don't have the chance for any type of proper diagnosis with my life...
  18. M

    What is your best advice in four words or less?

    Having difficulty prioritizing painting and drawing, something I've been doing my entire life. Since the world was upended I've become anxious and it seems as if it's much more difficult to do. Recently I've encountered a blog that advises and it's helped. I'm back to sketching now. Wisdom in...
  19. texkag

    Blogging advice

    Hi everyone, after receiving some excellent advice here in my thread 'Coming Out to the World', and after a steep learning curve trying to figure out the new Word Press Block Editor, I finally got a blog up and running. After the advice I received here, I decided to blog anonymously I would...
  20. C

    Life Tips for Living with Autism

    Hi, this is my first post so I hope it's all in the right place. I have really struggled recently with coexisting in an NT world and so I wanted to make this thread for people to share any life advice or strategies that have made their lives easier (and I'm not trying to just change my...
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