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I must have inadvertently insulted one of my yoga teachers.

Tony Ramirez

Single. Starting over making new friends.
V.I.P Member
I hate having autism. You either don't talk at all or you share too much. I am going to explain my story as best as I can.

I have four yoga teachers and sometimes Bill the owner. Anna, Jennifer, Tasha and Caroline. Anna is the teacher I must have insulted and to make matters worse I take the most classes with her.

The story goes back three weeks when Jennifer was sick and Anna subsituted for her Monday night class. She told me when I took her morning class. Class went fine without incident. Had Jennifer's normal morning class the next day.

Next Tuesday morning Anna said that she was going to substitute again for Jennifer's class because she was going to an audition. I did seem disappointed this time but I still did the class. The next day I was the only student in Jennifer's class and she said the audition went fine but she still had a couch.

Now we are up to today. I did Anna morning class then I talked to her a bit like I do at the end of class. I said I will be back for Jennifer's restorative class tonight and she assured me she will be there. I arrive tonight and Anna is there again saying Jennifer is sick. I must have said something without realizing it but Anna was standoffish and snobbish to me even during the class she would not help me with the poses. After class I compliment her on the class even mention my favorite poses. Anna barley said anything to me. Just saying I am not subbing because I want to or as a curtasy. Then when I tried to talk to her she said nothing and looked angry. I then left without her even saying goodbye.

It's bad between us as I have classes with her four days a week. Jennifer suppose to be back for her morning class tomorrow but I have Anna class Wednesday morning to Friday morning.

Everyone there knows that Jennifer is my favorite teacher even joking about it but this is no joke. I hope Anna cools off till Wednesday and I can talk to her again.

I again will say I just hate having autism. I am afraid to talk to people but then when I get comfortable around them I tend to over share everything, all of my issues. My friend Justin I said things that could have came off insulting but he forgives and understands.

To be continued.
What is it you think you said that was insulting?

From what you've said so far, all I see is that people are
subbing for each other when they are sick. And it sounds
like Anna is tired of subbing and just want her usual
routine back.
It that when I start to get comfortable around people to tend to talk a lot and over share. I dumped so much crap on my friend Justin but he knows I have autism and understands. If it was a woman she would have ghosted me by then.
You think you may have over done the sharing with this Anna?

What kind of stuff did you say to her, if you remember?
It's possible you're not the cause of her being cranky.

Maybe she's really tired of subbing and/or has some
other stuff going on that putting her in a bad mood.
It's possible you're not the cause of her being cranky.

Maybe she's really tired of subbing and/or has some
other stuff going on that putting her in a bad mood.
I hope so as I have classes with her four days a week. Tuesday is her day off.

Now that I think of it maybe your right she did not say much to the other students when they talked to her but she still was polite to them.
Continue with the classes and be pleasantly neutral.
I don't know and you don't for sure know that it was
anything you did or said that has annoyed her.

She said that she wasn't subbing because she wanted to?
That isn't anything that you're responsible for.
I think it is also important to remember that the longer we know a person, the more likely it is that a variety of moods will be displayed when interacting with them.

When I have had positive interactions with somebody, I can worry about keeping it that way and really start to wonder when an interaction isn’t as positive for some reason.

But, I need to remind myself that we all have good and bad days and the longer you know somebody the more you will see them in different lights, different moods, and your interactions with them will vary in quality. I think this is okay and it is something we have to get used to when we are interacting with people over the long term instead of just a couple times.
From your description it seems that Anna's mind was elsewhere and not particularlyfocused on you one way or the other. You can always tell her that you are sorry for distracting her when her mind was elsewhere.
Jennifer was there today for the morning class. After class when I was the only student she said not to blame myself. That she subbed at the last minute, literally two hours as she also teaches a class before that. Anna was probably annoyed about that.

You see Jennifer lives all the way in Harlem and it takes her a hour to get to Brooklyn taking three subways. The other teacher Tasha who I have the wellness group and night class on Wednesday lives in Sunset Park. I don't know where Caroline lives the Sunday afternoon teacher but she has to take the subway. Bill lives in southern Brooklyn which is also far. Anna however only lives about three blocks away in the neighborhood which is why they usually choose her more to substitute.

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