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Hurrah! I discovered something!


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Why are some females hot and cold? They are nice to me one moment and the next, ignoring me? I have asked quite a few nts and no one said what seem to me, to be real and then, suddenly, yesterday, I found the answer.

When this female has no choice but be nice to me, she is nice; but when she has that choice, she treats me very lukewarm; or just plain acting as though I am not there. Conculsion, she does not like me and that is ok. I have said I rather she told me she did not like me, than all these rubbish and I can move on.

I guess she doesn't like me, because having aspergers, does make me seem weird.


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Does she treat you different when other people are around? Some people "play up" when they have an audience. My mum does it a lot. Whenever she has friends over and I'm in the room - I end up the butt of a lot of her jokes.



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I guess the term two-face comes into my brain. If they need you, they have charm. When they no longer need you, then the true personality comes out. So l don't think it's necessarily just you. It's a mask for NT people, social * niceness*. I masked being nice to get through a process of getting a bid on a home repair job and l went to bed in tears. Because the other person was not there for that. People are frustrating, but it's not always your fault.


A psychologist said so
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I know about what you mean by wishing people would just tell you straight out how they feel about you (I actually do that quite often. I literally say "I'm really enjoying this conversation" or "I like you" out of the blue). I have had one person tell me straight out that he used to dislike me, and he is diagnosed on the spectrum. I also know about another guy who I suspected didn't like me (though he acted normal around me) and then had confirmation from a friend of mine who knows him that he really disliked me. Same with a girl who acted nice around me but secretly couldn't stand me. I don't really mind when people don't like me, but it would be simpler if they just let me know.

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