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Here comes the Hurricane


Curiosity's Cat
V.I.P Member
Just to let everyone know we are preparing for a direct hit hurricane here in Tampa Bay.
The last direct hit was 100 years ago.
Storm of the century, I guess.

The power always goes out when they come by here.
Last one, Irma, six years ago, we were without power for 12 days.
So, if you don't see me or any posts, you'll know why.

I love reading and replying to threads. It is my on-line group of friends.
So, I will be back when the power is restored.
Maybe it won't go out until it hits on Wednesday as they are predicting.
I won't have to evacuate and will ride it out in the house.
Gee, it gets hot with no electric.

Anyway, in the meantime, I will keep you updated as I can. :rolleyes:
Good luck, I keeping reading the storm maybe downgraded to a category 1 by the time it hits Tampa. Now it's predicted to hit Venice first.

Irma - I had no electricity for 9 days in 90 degree heat in an apartment. At night was creepy. Had to charge my phone at Paneras.

But l do remember meeting some of the nice older woman living in my complex. My manager held a get together in their apartment. The nicest couple ever that managed the building. But the complex sold, then it was corporate owned.
Stay safe -- with the system slowing down, I worry more about flooding. But I also heard it shifted southward. Hoping there is minimal damage...
Good luck! Native Floridian here, though I haven't had to deal with a hurricane since... Matthew? I was finishing up school in West Palm and we thought it was going to be a direct hit (that was the first i had ever evacuated for) and it ended up shifting at the last minute, so we just got a nice vacation with almost no damage!
7/11 just closed their pumps. My bank is closed. There is a gentle rain right now. Convience stores are packed. Drive-thru places are swamped. People are just standing around pretending to be civilized.
I've been doing storm-prep all day, but I feel like you can never be fully prepared for these. Let's hope for the best!

Also, if anyone wants to create a FL chat in the chatrooms, maybe we can report to one another when crap is hitting the fan in their area and we happen to have that small sliver of cell service? Seems like a cool idea to create a little 'in the know' network, but I might be alone there.

It would also be cool to hear who actually got their power back on first, too.
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When I lived in Clearwater, we got a tropical storm. I was a teenager and not quite aware of how severe they can be. It would thunderstorm every day around 2, so I didn't think it very serious.

I was living with my grandmother, and it was her day off. I had been pestering her to take me to the beach all day, like she had promised. Finally she relented and we rode the bus down to Clearwater Beach. The cops were clearing the beach, driving down, picking up all the umbrellas and things.

My grandmother and I had to crouch behind a lounge chair, because it was so windy that we couldn't stand up without getting knocked down. It was quite frightening. She looked over at me, angrier than I'd ever seen her. "I took you to the d*** beach. Are you happy?" I was so ashamed of myself.

Finally, the cops truck made it down to where we were. They yelled at us and ordered us off the beach. We tried to explain that it was too windy to stand up. They yelled (it was windy, everyone had to holler) that if we didn't leave immediately, we would be arrested, or worse, killed by the storm.

My grandma and I linked arms around each other and struggled to stay upright as we made our way to the bus stop, which seemed so very far away (I think it was 1/4 mile, but felt like two miles). It took all my strength to hold myself and my gramma upright. In the process I fell and skinned a knee.

We sat in the bus shelter as lightning crashed all around. We were sure that the bus stopped running. We found a payphone and called around for someone to come get us. No one answered. Finally we got a hold of a relative, and he showed up an hour later, high on pain pills. That was a fun ride home. It's always something!!!

We went back to granny's apt. And man, it was frightening. She lived on the top floor of a tall retirement building, and all the residents of the top floor had to evacuate down to the lobby for a few hours until the storm subsided a bit. But still, the wind was so severe up there, once we were allowed to go back up.

That was just a tropical storm. I pray for you guys in the hurricane. Hope you are doing alright. PS don't go down to St. Pete to have a looksie at the surf. lol
I hardboiled a bunch of eggs. I have food and water and a full gas tank. And my garbage can was emptied today. But my toilet won't flush. Water was turned off. If all my stuff blows away, then l can just become a minimalist, something new.
Still have no problems as of 3:48 am here in Clearwater.
Last update it was heading for Venice or Punta Gorda. Another Charlie.
Only this one is going to be storm surges and floods more than wind.

We boiled a bunch of eggs also and stocked up on water and bags of ice.
Peanut butter, bread and crackers. Canned fish.
Today will tell. Supposed to cover the whole state and rain for several days
Things should be alright in the house until loss of power.
Pool may overflow. Hope it goes out back and not towards the house.
A bit of education for those not familiar with hurricanes.
Live conditions from local news channel.

The link stopped working so I edited it off.
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I've just been having a look at some satellite pictures. Man'O'Man but that's a lot of water.

Hope you're all safe.
Yesterday the track changed and my inland home is in a direct path. Outer bands are just starting to hit. I am as prepared as I can be. It looks like it will make landfall as a cat 4, wont be that strong when it gets to me, but will still probably be hurricane force winds.

I aways read the "discussion" tab on the noah website. Over the 30 years I've been in Florida I've gotten to "know" the forecasters. They sign their forecasts.
Alot of rain. I keep waking up. Dark skies. The last big storm, l lived in a different place, and was going thru battered woman syndrome. It's nice now to only feel battered by weather, and not emotionally or by relationships. I also have shredded some of my codependency traits since 2017. Glad l ran all errands a week ago. Lol.
Ouch. Looks pretty hairy for much of anyone living on the coast between Ft. Myers and Tampa. Wondering if it will still be a Cat 4 storm when it hits the coastline. With the storm surge factor looking pretty damn scary. Something I once experienced as a small child on the island of Guam when a typhoon hit us.

Take care, Floridians.
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We have 75 MPH wind. My mom has no electricity. 40,000 people are without electricity in her town. My town is locked down. 22,000 are without electricity in my town. 200,000 people do not have electricity in Florida.

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