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for the young single men


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the golden truth nobody told you is....are you ready?
Women can't stand weakness in men.
And we have a social weakness.
I don't think that's true for most women and I am speaking as a female. Everyone has a weakness or strength. It is how one works with it as a couple to compliment those weakness or strengths. Everyone as a weakness of some kind male or female. Yes people with AS tend to have a lot of trouble socially and may take us longer to form the kind of relationships that are easier for other people but that doesn't mean its a weakness.
the golden truth nobody told you is....are you ready?
Women can't stand weakness in men.
And we have a social weakness.

Can't you just combat it with producing bars of chocolate? From my experience, women have a universal weakness in this department. Forget apples, it really was a chocolate bar tree! ;)
the golden truth nobody told you is....are you ready?
Women can't stand weakness in men.
And we have a social weakness.

I'm curious as to what experiences may have prompted you to come to this conclusion.

You're painting with a broad brush here. Actually, I think you've forgone the brush and are just throwing jars of paint willy-nilly.

First of all, can you really sum up an entire half of the world's population in those few words? Women are as different and varied as men.

Second, if women really couldn't stand weakness in men, then every straight man in the world would be single.

Third (and I'm taking your premise that social awkwardness is a "weakness"), is there some "gold standard" as to what kind of social skills would be considered weak or not weak? People may not necessarily be socially inept but still have communication issues.

Finally, and really the only point that matters, is that there are plenty of counterexamples to your thesis. I know men with less-than-stellar social skills who are in healthy and mutually-loving relationships. As Arashi says, nobody is perfect, and relationships are mostly about working around and even embracing that imperfection.

Dang, I am having serious issues with text formatting here...
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Some girls are into the whole emo thing, and will try and talk to a guy with self harm scars. I guess that's a form of weakness.
the golden truth nobody told you is....are you ready?
Women can't stand weakness in men.
And we have a social weakness.
We have a complex personality type that creates sometimes extreme difficulties fitting into society. The paradox is that to "cure" the abnormality would lead to the loss of unique personality and, therefore, conformity.
This is not what you could describe as a "weakness", unless you allow yourself to try and be what you are not, simply out of a desire to "fit in".
Sometimes aspies can have weaknesses when we allow our issues to dominate our lives so to be strong you have to basically accept yourself as you are and then try and focus on strengths.
Well... it really depends if you see it as a social weakness. After 3 marriages and 2 kids, one thing women want is assurance that their kids will be provided for. One way of doing this is by saving money, creating college funds, owning your own home, etc... things that are a lot more difficult to do when you spend most of the money in NT Social Mingling. Because is not about making lots of money, is about using the money you have, wisely.
My reading has found a few things that women really want in a man (whether they are aware or not):
(1) Long term successful marriages are with a couple whose IQ's match very closely.
(2) Women want to be able to 'look up' to their men. The man needs be physically taller, at least a little, be able to provide a sense of security to the woman. Physical and/or financial. More and better than the woman can do for herself (which can be tough if the woman has a much better paying job).
(3) The woman wants to be able to relate closely with her man (things in common; verbal and non-verbal communication). My wife could "read people like an open book." There was much distress because she never could see what I was thinking or recognize what I was trying to accomplish. We did not know that I was an Aspie. I was always an enigma to her. This one needs special attention for ways to develop communications for those of us with AS, obviously.

Disclaimer: I am old and retired. These things are not my ideas: I picked them up from reading pop psych stuff. Experience in a marriage is my own rear-view-mirror best guess; Presented only as an example. 'Rules' are statistically valid, usually. Every individual person or specific situation is a wild card.

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