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  1. GrownupGirl

    Ever hate trying to watch TV or movies with other people?

    I've been this way ever since I was in my early teens. I prefer complete privacy when I watch a show or movie I actually like, and if there are people in the room with me, or even worse, watch it with me, I get very uncomfortable and can't focus on the show. People can't understand why, but I...
  2. Joshua the Writer

    Is it Okay to be a Nudist if You are Christian?

    Sorry about the texting language in here. I originally sent this in a venting channel in a Discord server that I am a member of. I don't know why my parents have a problem with me being naked in my own room. Many types of clothes are not friendly to how I process senses such as touch. Also, in...
  3. DesertRose

    To just disappear

    Have you ever wanted to delete yourself from the entire internet? Delete every post you've ever made, all facebook, twitter, all of it, like you never existed? I have, several times, and actually deleted Facebook, and tried to delete everything else. I've been dx with a major depressive...
  4. M

    Online, has anyone noticed?

    That many sites want you to join all the time? More and more they attempt to make it integral to your visiting a site. They want your information, email addresses, phone numbers, where you live. Have been a member of several sites for years that want my cell number and every time I log in, they...
  5. A

    Can blogs be made private?

    I have considered creating a blog, but I would want it to be private, only for members to see rather than any guests browsing the site. Just wondering :-)
  6. Snowy Owl

    How to delete posts?

    Hi folks, I've emailed this site with a request and I have had no reply...so how do you delete a post? An old post from last year links my real name to this site so when someone googles my name they can quickly learn that I am an Aspie. Not that I am ashamed but when applying for jobs...
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