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Pardon my style of response, suppose I'm older and being through most of asd flags so at this point I may be more analytical.
Tammy my best friend at college, I've tried to find her on Facebook, never did.
She was queen of mask but not superficial. Was forever finding characters in movies and copying this into her life.
When I'm emotional about or related to a piece in a movie I extract and use this to help me express my emotions. So years ago I created a cartoon character (not a superman or anything) so I create a page where ' Alice ' deals with her double life and in the cartoon doesn't like clerk superman just go to work but lives happy and does things I suppose I never could.

I suppose we sometimes need to express something to be at peace with it.
That's a really cool way of expressing yourself, Kayla! :)
Not much... I can get very upset but almost never cry.

I'm very much this way. I often have the feeling of crying, but without tears. I want to cry, but don't. It can be a little surprising when things do make me cry, then.

At the same time, other people's feelings can be very overwhelming, whether in person, or through books, TV, and so on.
That's a really cool way of expressing yourself, Kayla! :)
Thanks Georgia...
If one dyes hair blue, or dresses odd then you are looking for attention and being immature. If you go against grain you are selfish etc. Whatever you doing that's not accepted is first isolated from social approval and later visit to psychiatric.

A cartoon allows you to express what isn't acceptable. I never just dyed my hair blue as I'm dysfunctional, I did it because men disrespected my wish to be independent and single. It's difficult
The movie, "The Phantom of the Open" makes me cry near the end especially during Maurice's speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Makes me cry just thinking about it right now. But these are all good tears.

I love movies like this. They are so inspiring. It's about a person that achieves success beyond their dreams even thought the have absolutely zero talent for the subject of their interest. Their success is built entirely on unyielding perseverance. Maurice simply would never give up. This is a true story - not fiction.

Another true story movie like this is "Eddie the Eagle". Eddie also had no talent, but still succeeded beyond his dreams simply due to unyielding perseverance.

Of course I don't know, but it seems to me that both Maurice and Eddie has autistic level obsessions.
Crying's an interesting thing. I cry a lot. Nowadays especially, I think because I moved to this new place recently, I'm particularly sensitive; as soon as something doesn't work like predicted, I feel like my whole world is falling apart. When people ask me - "Are you okay?" - and point out that it doesn't seem like it, that somehow triggers my crying tremendously. I don't really know why. Am I the only one or is that a common thing?

My mom tears up whenever she is touched by something emotionally, and she can really be touched by anything, it appears. Sometimes I see her tear up and really can't understand what the reason is; like when she is talking about something seemingly 100% dry. Sometimes that irritates me.

In what sort of situations do you cry?
Crying's an interesting thing.
I agree.

I mostly cry for physical reasons - in cold weather, allergy season, and when acid reflux is acting up. I can sometimes feel emotional tears during any sort of emotional overload, but they rarely are enough to fall out of my eyes.

Types of tears

1. Basal tears

These are your basic tears. Your eyes roll around in them all day. They contain oil, mucus, water and salt, and help fight infection. The oil keeps your tears in place and prevents them from evaporating into the atmosphere. Blinking spreads them evenly over the surface of your eye. These tears can improve your vision and sharpen your focus.

2. Irritant tears

These are your eyewash tears. The glands under your eyebrows push them out when you peel an onion, vomit or get dust in your eye. They flush out the material that’s irritating your eyes. These are the kind of tears that stream down your face when your allergies are kicking into high gear.

3. Psychic or emotional tears

These tears gush in response to strong emotions like sadness, grief, joy or rage. They have the same chemical makeup as basal tears, but contain more stress hormones and natural painkillers. Humans and animals have compounds in our body fluids that give off subtle messages to other members of the species. That’s why sometimes our tears can relay chemical messages (either intended or unintended) to someone close by. This can bring about empathy or compassion in other people, or signal them to stay away, for example.
Death of immediate family member

Grave sickness or death of one of my dogs

Certain battle scenes in films can get tears welling up in my eyes.

I rarely cry. Probably the same reason as others have mentioned.

Now I cry every day. Sometimes so hard I choke and feel it through my body and I pray to be released from this pain.
Talk about crying, the behavior.
Under what circumstances do you find yourself crying?
Or if crying is not your behavior, tell about that.

Times in the past (as a child, adolescent, whatever)
and present.

What prompts your tears?
What is that experience like for you?
How uncomfortable, if at all, is this topic for you?

Do you find that your thoughts naturally divide
the topic into the behavior of 'crying' and the topic of
'having feelings'?
Or what?

I cry a lot and I love to cry.
Because it let's a lot of bad stuff out and then you feel better.
I love crying in bed curled up in a ball.
My tears are beauty drops and they fall down my face.
I am not uncomfortable with it.
I used to get embarrassed during small movies I still think I get embarrassed crying in public. But I have grown up a lot.
It is OK to have feelings and I think sadness is better than pain and anger because you can have little cry and it all washes away and you feel better and someone give you a hug if you feel like it but somey you may not and that is ok too.
Another time for crying is at church.
One evangelist at our church made a statement that has stayed with me:
"Don't you love to cry?"
Meaning cry to the Lord.

I have cried at church.

If you cry to God, He wipes away the tears and loves you.

He counts your tears and He cares and comforts you. You can never outrun His love.
I don't cry much these days, only when triggered. I cry if my husband is in a bad mood, because I'm sensitive to emotions in tone of voice, especially if I didn't do anything to make him yell.
I might also cry if I feel humiliated, embarrassed or confronted in public or by an authority figure at work or if somebody is rude to me.
And I do cry at sad scenes in movies, quite a lot actually.
And I cry when one of my pet rats die. My husband feels sad but doesn't seem to shed tears, but he understands when I cry and gives me a cuddle and sometimes offers to buy a couple of new baby rats. But I never forget the late rats we've had, they are all written down and I remember each and every one of them.
I obviously cry when I lose a loved one too.

Oh, and I cry when I'm being bullied. I don't get bullied offline but I do online and it HURTS so much.

I used to cry all the time when I was a kid, adolescent and even young adult. As an adolescent I would sometimes cry as easily as a toddler; for very little reason except to manipulate like having a tantrum.
I was listening to "The Legend of Anne Bonny" - a musical story loosely based on the 'infamous' Irish Pirate Queen who sailed the Caribbean sea, with the musical done by YouTuber Karliene.

Most of the musical from Track 01 ("I'll Tell You A Tale") to Track 05 ("Anne is a Man at Sea") was fine, with some darker stuff but otherwise still an enjoyable experience - with Track 05 talking about Anne disguising herself as a man and joining her lover Calico Jack's crew, with the song ending as Anne becomes pregnant...

...Then Track 06 ("Fly Little Pelican") plays, and I was not prepared for this. It definitely got me teary eyed, so a word of warning if you listen to it:

I'll cry if something is very sad. I "cried for happy" when my children were born. Sometimes, it will be something that I desperately wish were true, but I know it isn't. Occasionally, I cry if something is very beautiful. If it is both sad and beautiful, I can cry a river. "Your Lie in April" shut me down for an entire evening.

Losing a close family member or a pet can turn me into a basket case for days.
“Grown men don’t cry.” It’s a cultural thing here. I remember being embarrassed when my uncle cried at my grandfather’s funeral. I did not allow myself to cry at my mother’s funeral. It’s something that has done so much damage.

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