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Have you been bullied at school/work?

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Gerald Wilgus

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V.I.P Member
I was seldomly directly bullied. While I was different I think my intelligence was protective in a wierd way. Rather, being inexperienced socially and sexually I was treated to a lot of unwanted and unsavory details of my peers sex lives. That had the effect of damaging my self concept and body image. Never bullied in my work. Rather, I was the go to guy for engineers who needed process regulatory assistance. That felt good with engineering wanting me on project teams.

Au Naturel

Au Naturel
The bully is usually a very unhappy person.

It was always a handful of people that bullied me. Never the majority. Most were afraid, and stayed clear for fear they would become targets.

Never the majority, for most people do not come from the families these children come from.

My mother explained this to me. She said the segment of the population that become bullies, often come from dysfunctional homes. These children that bully, are brought up in households where they have been either intimidated emotionally/emotionally abused, made to feel helpless and/or even physically abused.

It's a rather subconscious act when a person becomes a bully. They enter school and quickly figure out that they can finally be powerful, unlike at home. This makes them feel powerful. They are no longer the victim, but the person holding that power over another. They enlist friends who either come from that environment, or enlist other students to follow suit and bully alongside of them via fear.

And yes, the best targets are those who appear helpless, weak, shy or different. Even better if those targets do not have friends to back them up when approached.

Damaged goods she called them. People to be pitied. Together, she and I worked around tactics to deal with that population.

I met one of them (an ex-bully from grade school) on the FaceBook format, 40 years later. I had simply been posting new puppy videos. Nothing better than a dog video! As you can imagine is quite the joyful time in our lives.

I had been encouraged to 'friend' this person, via a grade school classmate/acquaintance. I said ok Bonnie yeah ok sure. What the H... FB means little to me eh. Next thing I know, the ex-bully person messaged me on her birthday and to be polite I said oh it's your birthday.. HB so and so.

She flies down my throat and says Happy???? Oh yeah, you have that happy life of yours. What do you know of my miserable life!

Just goes to show, yeah all that is true. The bullies are miserable, often abused unhappy people. Truly damaged goods as my mom would explain. You wouldn't want their lives.
Or sometimes the bully just wants your lunch money and nobody in authority has the will to do anything about it.


Serenity waves, beachy vibes
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Yes. I agree. The minute you show any critical thinking skills or empathy, you might as well spray paint a target on your back.


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In high school (secondary school), I was physically bullied. Please reply to this thread.

1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work?

2. Why do bullies target us autistics?

3. Why are we autistics often bullied at school and at work?
1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work?
Both. Because of the way I acted and the things I said.
2. Why do bullies target us autistics?
It depends on the individual, I know some autistics who don't get bullied. Not to blame the bullied persons though.
3. Why are we autistics often bullied at school and at work?
Just my personal opinion, I think it depends on the individual autistic, although some of us have visual traits that can attract mockery, like my rocking-back-and-forth and meltdown scars on right forearm.


Active Member
I was treated very shamefully throughout my school life, by students and by some of the teachers. School was by far the most traumatic experience of my life. When I started work I was treated very well and it was only then that I started to learn the social skills that I needed to survive in society.

The difference was chalk and cheese, I never let anyone take away my self respect after that. There's been quite a few people try to bully me in work places over the years, sometimes even the employer, they discovered that I'm no longer an easy conquest. I don't ask other people to sort my problems for me, I tend to sort them very quickly and decisively.

This carried through to outside of work too, bullies really upset me and I'm very quick to let them know this in a rather militant fashion.

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