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  1. Angular Chap

    Book recommendation: Bully in Sight

    Sadly I see many, many posts on here about workplace bullying, so I would like to recommend a book that greatly helped me when I was on the receiving end of such behaviours at my first job and also other walks of life: Bully in Sight by Tim Field. Although first published in 1996, the...
  2. M

    Two sisters, one bullying an Aspie

    Hi All! I just joined as I don't know where to pose this question. I have tried to find answers by going online but this is a specific situation and only keep finding answers pertaining to younger people and just diagnosed situations. My 23 year old daughter is autistic and my Mom has never...
  3. apolloidolsice

    intense bullying?

    did anyone else get bullied extremely bad? I have been a social outcast my entire life and only after starting work at one of those "rehab"-esque workplaces that have diagnosed kids, troubled gang-member kids, and kids who have no grades at all. I have memories of being chased by a group of kids...
  4. tripleU

    (SERIOUS) Expelled from School?

    Hello, I don't know where to start but I took a month of holidays from school, and meanwhile, the people who bullied me spread so much rumors about me and when I went back, they all did a rude welcome to me and were taunting and looking at me weirdly, and thought I would poke them with my pen...
  5. apolloidolsice


    Hey. Anybody else feel depressed about being autistic? I've never been kissed, had boy or girlfriend, i've been bullied my entire life and i currently have no friends. And you're different. Most people think you're weird. Your existence is something to be cured. Fixed. Erased. I hate being this...
  6. S

    Bullying at School/Work

    In high school (secondary school), I was bullied. Please reply to this thread. 1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work? 2. Why did you get bullied? 3. How did you get bullied?
  7. S

    Bullying at School/Work

    In high school (secondary school), I was physically bullied. Please reply to this thread. 1. Have you ever been bullied at school or work? 2. Why do bullies target us autistics? 3. Why are we autistics often bullied at school and at work?
  8. S

    Please help me report a case of bullying

    I have been following a great person on Youtube because the content he films is very interesting. He has some form of ASD. Last Autumn I found signs of bullying going on, however this has become worse and I want to support him, however I am not sure how I should do. There is someone on Youtube...
  9. SonicAdventure2

    Does anyone else feel like that they were put on this planet just to be laughed at?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place, I tried to find a "vent" sub-forum but couldn't see one, sorry if I have missed it by accident. I think the title describes this well. I'm in my early 20s, and I'm so tired of being laughed at and being the butt of the joke because I don't fit in because I'm...
  10. DogzSpirit

    Aspergers Woman & Predators

    First, before I discuss my perspective regarding women, let me acknowledge that those who present differently seem to have a hardship of attracting bullies, be they male or female. I understand this has happened to many who are on the spectrum. Bullying, in elementary school, always struck me...
  11. Jenisautistic

    If you were ever bullied in school and told a teacher or principal About it

    What is the response you got? as you know I am writing a book about bullying And I would like your different experiences about telling an adult or someone you’re know that you’ve been bullied or are being bullied. in my story I am trying to show that currently there is no true/ easy answer...
  12. Jenisautistic

    Another novel writing question about disability

    How do you make a story more general Or not specific to a topic that nobody really reads about For example I’m talking about special education in my story and I don’t want to have to refer to the specific terms that people might have to keep looking up or get confused by Or at worst cringe...
  13. EstimatedProphet

    Best Places To Work! An Autistic Adventure in Corporate America 2020-02-25

    I was semi-active on this site a long while ago for about six months (late 2016-early 2017), which was from the time I was diagnosed with Asperger's until I started my first job back in the working world post-diagnosis. Then I dropped out. What happened after that? That's what the book is about...
  14. Joshua the Writer

    Special Needs Kids Get Bullied By Awful Teachers

    Disturbing audio recording made inside an elementary school classroom in West Virginia This is incredibly terrible. These kids have been bullied and abused by these teachers, for who KNOWS how long, and, when the school finds out, all they do is give the teachers administrative leave and move...
  15. Jenisautistic

    sometimes I get worried and scared

    hi. I was just thinking about getting older and growing up. and I am nervous about many things. first meting new people going out without my family someday. and about one day my grandmother and aunt and uncle being not there or unable to take care of me anymore. i wish i had some one else...
  16. Ameriblush

    Remembering years of bullying.

    Lately I've been having flashbacks of the days when I got bullied in school. They range from the typical teasing, to having things thrown at me, gossiped about, falsely accused of vandalism, being called mentally challenged, 'roasted' by the entire classroom when I had done nothing wrong or...
  17. Sabrina

    Being naive in sibling relationship

    I've just realized I've been extremely naive regarding my relationship with my sister :(. In a nutshell: She's been a bully all my life and I 've always made excuses for her inconsiderate behavior. I've just connected the dots, and I don't want to contact her anymore. I feel very sad... and also...
  18. AustinTheAspie

    Fear and Outcomes

    Howdy guys, Austin here. Quick question: Does anyone else feel as if fear is holding you back from doing great things? I sure do. But here's the thing, I'm not really afraid of doing it per say, I'm really afraid of the outcome if things go sour. For example, let's say if I go up to a really...
  19. StormchaserNYC

    First post

    This is my first post on aspie central. I was diagnosed as pdd-now as a toddler, which by age 11 the diagnosis became changed to asperger's. When I was in public school, I had very ableist and reactionary staff who frequently punish me for things other students did comma especially I got...
  20. xDominiel

    Was your social anxiety with you since birth?

    Did you experience social anxiety for as long as you can remember, or did it first become a problem and/or gradually get worse as you grew up and had bad experiences? As a kid I wasn't very anxious at all. I was awkward socially but I didn't really fear other people to the extent I did later...
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