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xbox one

  1. Mr Allen

    Dark Souls Remastered on Xbox, is it any good?

    Above. I''m looking for a good RPG (Role Playing Game) that's Dungeon based like the old British TV show Knightmare, which was on Children's ITV about 30 years ago. I've read about Dark Souls, which looks good having seen footage on YouTube and on my Xbox. But I'm looking for real time...
  2. Mr Allen

    Is there a simpler way to record YouTube footage on Xbox One?

    I was watching a YouTube video last night which I found on Google about how to record game footage on the latest version of the YouTube app on Xbox, seems a bit complicated to me... I know that in theory a simpler way would be to record footage on my phone and upload it from my Google Drive, but...
  3. Mr Allen

    Is Cuphead on Xbox One worth £16 (about $20 at current exchange)

    I'll look up some reviews on Google but I wondered if anyone on here has played it and can give their own thoughts? The game is also on PS4 for the Sony fans.
  4. Mr Allen

    Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

    Bought one this week from Amazon UK, and it's come today, but we can't get the thing to work on Dad's TV. Does anyone know how we could get the thing working? And yes I am aware of Xbox.com and Google.
  5. Mr Allen

    What should I spend my money on?

    Topic. There's a game comes out on Xbox One tomorrow, Cities Skylines which I wouldn't mind playing, but also there's a show coming up, the Stage version of the Addams Family with Les Dennis as Uncle Fester at the Lyceum in September. I can't afford both, so help me decide which to buy?
  6. Mr Allen

    Video recording on Xbox One without Kinect?

    Topic. Is it possible or do you need the voice control of the Kinect sensor? I could possibly use a Digital Camera and record footage for my YouTube channel onto a memory card and then upload it, but doing it that way is cumbersome and a bit long winded. So anyway, is there an easier way?
  7. Mr Allen

    Automated downloads on Xbox One

    I tried to download the demo of Resident Evil 7 last night from Xbox.com, and it wouldn't download even though I was logged in with my gamer tag. Apparently there is a way to turn on automated downloads in the settings menu on my Xbox, does anyone know how to do it?
  8. Mr Allen

    Tales from the Borderlands Xbox One question

    Topic. I just completed Episode 1 of Tales from the Borderlands on Xbox One, I have the complete Season on disc, and have installed all 5 episodes, yet it's asking me to pay a further £3.99 to download episode 2! Why should I pay £4 for an episode I already have on disc? Which I paid £5.99 for...
  9. Mr Allen

    Is anyone selling an Xbox One 1 TB console? Preferably with 1 wireless controller

    Topic. I've asked Dad for an Xbox One for Christmas, and he wants it as cheap as possible, there's a few on eBay for agreeable prices but he doesn't have an account so I'd have to buy it and him give me the loot, which I can't afford to do at the moment. It would be good if a Kinect sensor was...
  10. Mr Allen

    Any good Tennis sims on Xbox One?

    Topic. I played Virtua Tennis 2009 on PS3 last night and despite being a staunch supporter of Xbox, I quite enjoyed it, I know there's Tennis on Kinect Sports Rivals but I sold that away a while back when my Kinect sensor broke. Just wondered if the Xbox 360 version of VT 2009 is backward...
  11. Xenocity

    Xbox One S: It's official with 4K for $299

    That's right the much leaked Xbox One S has been formally unveiled along with the new wireless Xbox One Controller. The console also features a 4K Blu-ray drive capable of UHDR as well (You need a 4K TV to take advantage of it). Oh to win over "hardcore" gamers, Xbox One S does not have a...
  12. Thomas Hadley

    Anyone here got an Xbox One?

    I didn't know where else to post this tbh lol. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone wants to add me on the Xbox One since my friends are all on the Xbox 360 so I really don't have anyone to talk to. So if you're interested my gamertag is Khopesh Troll and I hope to hear from and play with...
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