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  1. N

    Physically difficult to maintain conversations

    I like being social, but it is physical more than mental for me. What I mean is that I can begin conversation comfortably and speak naturally, but any more than that my speech begins to degrade. My jaw gets tight, and I start to have trouble first with 'r' sounds and eventually any speech that...
  2. Stimming and Social Media <3

    Stimming and Social Media <3

    I just did an adorable happy stim which I have been doing barely any of lately!! Man this 1st of March is feeling great so far <3 I love happy stimming? What are your happy/self-regulatory stims? Also, for some funny reason, I just got a huge boost of happiness and dopamine from looking on...
  3. A

    Good practice guide - For professionals delivering talking therapies for autistic adults and childre 2021-10-07

    Our project Our Mental Health Project, in collaboration with Mind, aims to establish how to make mental health talking therapies better for autistic people. This guide incorporates the views of over 1,500 autistic people and almost 1,000 family members who responded to our mental health survey...
  4. M

    Topics that you bring up a lot

    apparently I talk a lot about my cats (I have four). I love my cats, they’re a safe topic to talk about. I have other topics to talk about of course but I do bring up my cats a lot. Do you have a particular topic that you constantly talk about?
  5. Caelix3

    Help with socializing?

    I have trouble making and keeping a conversation. But mostly with keeping a conversation going. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a conversation going?
  6. Cogs Of My Cranium

    The label

    What has the label of aspergers/aspie etc. done for you and people you know? The more I think about it, the main use is now I know what word to google. Other people I say the label to know what to google. Google the word, the label. However I don't feel it really increases understanding...
  7. B

    Working crisis

    hi, I've just started a new job doing pharmacy which i really like, but since starting I keep getting in trouble with my manager for talking at inappropriate times and speaking too loud, often she tells me that the customers can hear but but I never think about that I just speak and don't think...
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