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  1. M

    Autism and allergies research questionnaire

    Hello! I am a neurobiophysics student from Lithuania. For my autism and allergies research I'd like to invite you to fill in this short questionnaire that will take only 5 minutes of your time. Every single response will help a lot to have a better understanding on how allergies affect the...
  2. C

    Research on Autism Strengths, Social Identity & Wellbeing

    Hi all, I'm looking for autistic people aged 16-30 to complete a survey for my research into autism strengths, social identity and wellbeing. I've noticed how much focus there has been on the difficulties associated with autism, and less about the strengths which I'd like to explore about more...
  3. O

    Survey respondents needed - App for looking up sensory information about social venues

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good day. I'm a student UX Designer, based in London, and am in the process of conducting research for an app that allows people to search for social or entertainment venues (such as restaurants and pubs) in their local area to find out information relating...
  4. G

    Museum Experience Survey

    Hi everyone! My research team and I are conducting a study which focuses on improving the experience of museums for autistic adults. The survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses will be anonymized. If you are interested this is the link...
  5. Leslie Keating

    ND Masters Psych Student need Autistic YAs for short online survey on mental health & wellbeing

    Hi guys , we need participants for research on the impact of changes to services and quality of life during Covid 19 on autistic young adults. This survey has been approved by autistic young people. We really hope that this research will help to improve services for the autism community. See...
  6. P

    Dissertation research – The Effect of Friendship Quality on Mental Health in Children Diagnosed with

    Hi everyone! For my dissertation, I am conducting surveys about the effect of friendship quality on mental health in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you have a child age 4-13 with a diagnosis of Autism, I invite you to complete my survey, which will take only 20 minutes...
  7. MacKenzie Smith

    Do you prefer "person with autism" or "autistic"? Let us know! Research participants needed!

    Researchers in the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) department of Midwestern University are conducting a survey for individuals in the autistic and autism communities. Students and adults (ages 18+) with autism and parents or caregivers of autistic individuals are all welcome to complete this...
  8. L

    Take part in this study: Studying the impact of depression on quality of life for adults

    Calling all adults (18 years and over) with ASD! Would you like to take part in research? I am a Master’s student and as part of my dissertation project I am conducting a study on the impact of depression on quality of life for autistic adults. This will involve completing an online survey...
  9. H

    Autism in the Workplace SURVEY (employees)

    Hi. I am a 19 year old student currently doing an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on autistic employees in the workplace. It should result in a 5,000 word essay entitled “Are employers doing enough to support employees with autism spectrum disorders?”. I have created a short questionnaire...
  10. Ieva

    just realized this is the first time I'm sharing my life story to others+ SURVEY -I NEED YOU OPINION

    Not a good thing to start with negative, but I hate traditional education system. I have always hated it, always trying to avoid it, running home to do something more meaningful. I could not concentrate to learn, I was just existing at school, and when I was home I was reading, learning and...
  11. aac_designer_mit

    AAC Survey (MIT Media Lab project)

    Hi, My name is Jaya and I am graduate student at the MIT Media Lab working on designing new AAC devices that utilize physiological sensing and AI. We are looking for input/feedback from people on the Autism Spectrum (and their loved ones) who have different verbal speech abilities to help us...
  12. J

    A Design of A Product That Can Help Individuals With Autism Calm Themselves Down [THESIS]

    Hello! I took on this topic because, even if I'm not related with anyone with Autism, I have always taken a liking to psychology. That also goes the same with mental disabilities, and since the push for awareness has become rampant these days, that made me want to take on the topic. I also...
  13. D

    Participate in a Study on Dissociation in Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Hello! My name is Katherine. I'm an autistic adult and psychology student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I've noticed that myself, many of my friends with autism, and many autistic individuals on social media report symptoms of dissociation. For example, many of us have experiences such...
  14. T

    Autism survey for AP Statistics project, responses needed

    I am taking an AP Statistics class, and as part of a group project, me and my group need to send out a survey. My group is doing autism as our topic, and we decided that the best way to get data would be to post the survey here. The survey is anonymous, and the results will only be used for the...
  15. Veronica VanCleave-Hunt

    Eating Experience Survey/Looking for your input please

    I don't have an ASD diagnosis but I also haven't saught one out. ASD runs in my family and I score on the higher end or "borderline" on self-diagnostic tests. One thing I know for sure is that I relate more with non-neurotypicals than I do with neurotypicals. As a nutritional science grad...
  16. Kristina Withakay

    participants wanted for online research on social confidence and decision-making

    Would you like to take part in an online experiment on social confidence and decision-making? I am a final year clinical psychologist in training looking for participants to take part in my doctoral research project. I am looking for adults with and without autism spectrum conditions to take...
  17. J

    RESEARCH PROJECT SURVEY: How does Asperger's impact an individual's life?

    Good day to anyone out there. I am a student currently undergoing a research project surrounding Asperger's, and have chosen the following question to guide my learning: How does Asperger's impact an individual's life? For this I require a range of sources, one being a survey, and was hoping...
  18. R

    Autism and self identity research - online survey

    Hi there, We are looking for people with Autism to complete about 15-20 minutes worth of questionnaires for our research into self identity in people with Autism. We were just wondering if anyone who uses this forum would be interested in completing these questionnaires? Here is the link to...
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