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  1. MaeveTheRaven

    Stimming - substitute for rubber bands?

    Hi everyone! In my mid-teens I picked up a quite unhealthy stimming habit: picking, squeezing and scratching my face, my shoulders, my chest and kind of anything that is in my hand's reach. I've been doing this for so long that it became totally unconscious, and I'm doing it a lot, so I started...
  2. Clueless in Canada

    Difference between Stimming and Rituals with No Outcome

    I've seen the phrase 'rituals with no outcome' pertaining to autism and I am trying to create a mental image of what those look like. How would they differ from stims which are repetitive behaviours and thus could also be seen as rituals? Do you engage in behaviours you would classify as...
  3. Emma03

    Am I the Only One?

    So, I can do some pretty odd things when I’m nervous, scared, happy, sad, amused, etc. As a kid, I did a LOT of weird things in public places the same way I did at home, that changed when i was around 6, I realized what I was doing was “weird” and started masking it. I redirected what J was...
  4. china autie

    Stims and Social Acceptability

    Who gets to decide what stims are "socially acceptable" and which ones aren't? Does the answer change when we are talking about autistic kids stimming? Autistic adults?
  5. Coupe

    A Funko Pop as a comfort item?

    CW for ableist language/terminology and self-harming stims, anxiety, sensory overload ............................................................... A month ago, I bought a Funko Pop figurine of Migo, the main character from the movie Smallfoot (a very cute animated movie about Yetis who think...
  6. D

    Cuticle picking - stimming?

    Hello again! I was wondering if cuticle picking could be classified as stimming. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, especially when I'm stressed. Either way, I always need to do something with my hands. This is unfortunately kinda destructive, but it's gotten better over the...
  7. J

    Asking for help stimming

    17 minutes ago from chat page: Jennifer McGuire: Hello all. I am new to the group having been recently diagnosed as ASD. I DOVE into stimming research as I suddenly realized that my facial expressions, leg shakes, talking incessantly etc... were all forms of stims. As I stimmed, it opened up...
  8. VioletHaze_03

    Dangerous meltdown strategies/harmful stim?

    I couldn't find any threads about this, so I thought I'd start one. When you guys are having a meltdown, do you have any stims that could be considered dangerous or harmful? My family is now shocked with my tendencies to hit my head against walls or my own fist when I am too overwhelmed to...
  9. Highway Cowboy

    Let's Talk about Stimming

    Hello guys, for those of you who don't know I'm a 46 year old Aspies HGV Driver. Only recently diagnosed.. For years I've done this thing where when driving on the motorway I have to bang my teeth together when passing a lamp post, road signs or between marker posts. I try and do it when half...
  10. Coupe

    Smallish stuffed animals

    I thought I'd make an inventory of all the types of smallish stuffed animals I know/can think of. Small, tiny stuffed animals have always been one of my favorite kinds, b/c I have always needed to carry at least one in my hand/backpack/pocket/shoulder bag in order to feel safe, calm, comfortable...
  11. M

    Skipping/sidestepping/dancing everywhere

    I've always sidestepped everywhere at home, in a kind of dance-like way. If I was in my room, and I needed to get to the kitchen, I would almost never walk there normally. I loved feeling the rhythm of my feet, and the feeling of being in the air. I might even do little twirls around corners. I...
  12. Butterfly88

    Mental Stimming

    I've seen a few posts here over the last few days about mental stimming. I know about regular stimming but I've never heard of mental stimming. Could someone please explain?
  13. Coupe

    Chewable pendant

    *Trigger Warning for Shame and Internalized Ableism, and mentions of Food and Eating I used to have this really great chewable pendant from Stimtastic (I highly recommend them, btw :)) that was circular and had a cloud image in the middle. When I learned chewable pendants existed and recalled...
  14. Datura

    Intense Imagery Movements

    An article about children who exhibit self-stimulatory behaviors in conjunction with intense visual imagery. Some, but not all, exhibited other ASD traits. Taken from Intense imagery movements: a common and distinct paediatric subgroup of motor stereotypies Intense imagery movements: a common...
  15. Fabian

    Forms of stimming?

    I am doing for a long time now (years) and since my recent diagnosis was wondering whether it could be forms of stimming. I am becoming more sensitive and pick up more and more things about me since my diagnosis. I have not noticed that I stim much although I want to discuss these 3 things with...
  16. Bender5

    Fidgit spinners. / Wing nuts

    There seems to be a current craze for the spinners. They don't do much for me but I remember and am often reminded that when I was 3 to 5 years old (late 1950s) I was constantly dissembling everything. My favorite was the chrome tubular kitchen furniture that was so popular of that era. The...
  17. Tyrantus1212

    Skin/Nail Peeling Stim

    Hello guys, so this is something I do regularly and without even being aware; I believe it's one of my stims. I constantly peel skin from my fingertips and lips, as well as fingernails. It's become such a long-time habit that I ended up doing it subconsciously, and still do. I also notice that...
  18. JoyChaos

    What is this feeling

    Sometimes theres a feeling deep inside of me, a feeling that no matter what i cant get out. Its like a build up of something tbh i cant even really fully explain it myself. But what comes to mind that would potentially give me relief seems violent to me. I want to scream. I want to pound my...
  19. Caelix3

    Clicking, fidget, and stimming

    What do you use to fidget or stim with that makes a clicking sound? I usually use a pen or my prince frog figurine. The prince frog figurine opens up and closes with a magnet, making a clicking sound. I just ordered a fidget cube and 3 klixx. The klixx makes a clicking sound and the fidget...
  20. Nemo

    Increase in autistic behaviours after diagnosis?

    Hey, I noticed that after my diagnosis, I started stimming more and displaying more behaviours. Not sure why. Placebo effect? Letting loose? Other idea? I want to hear it. Just curious
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