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  1. N

    "Masking" and "unmasking"

    So in an attempt to unpack my social aversion and figure out how now to go out in the world, knowing I'm an Autistic person, I wanted to air out my thoughts on this topic and hopefully, glean some diverse thoughts and opinions on the matter. I've come to the realisation that everybody masks, for...
  2. S

    I am seeking some advice from the community as someone who is undiagnosed but feels a strong connection with autism

    Hi, everyone. My name is Sophie (nickname is soap or soapy) and I am 24 years old. I hope you'll stick with me through this post cause I am positive it will be a long one. First and foremost I want to say that I am not diagnosed with autism and I also do not want to self diagnose because it...
  3. GU3RIXX

    Vocal Stimming?

    Greetings from Minnesota, USA ✌️ NT mom looking for more information regarding vocal or verbal stimming. My 5y.o. son was diagnosed with ASD2 at age 2 and this is his favorite if, not, preferred stimming activity. It's performed in lots of ways, but mostly involves echolalia, screaming...
  4. Stimming and Social Media <3

    Stimming and Social Media <3

    I just did an adorable happy stim which I have been doing barely any of lately!! Man this 1st of March is feeling great so far <3 I love happy stimming? What are your happy/self-regulatory stims? Also, for some funny reason, I just got a huge boost of happiness and dopamine from looking on...
  5. Patsy

    Beginning of My Journey

    Hi Everyone, I'm not entirely sure how to begin this post, but I feel like my journey is just beginning. My entire life I have felt different and haven't really been able to pinpoint exactly why. I've struggled socially since I was a child, never sure how to interact with people in a "normal"...
  6. Hylian


    Did anyone head bang as a kid to stim, or does anyone still do that? I have memories of banging the back of my head against things to stim throughout my childhood, until I was probably 12 or so. I even remember headbanging in a high chair when I was a baby, and being told not to do it by my...
  7. Ikarus Diary

    I Felt Free Inside A Character

    Hi. Today I'm going to tell a game we did in class, but left me wondering how I could feel so good while doing just a "character" for everyone else. As we're going to work in a psychiatric with people diagnosed with way different disorders, our teacher likes to play games that will make us...
  8. Ikarus Diary

    New Fulfilling Experience

    Hi. Today gave me the chance to experience a very satisfying morning that I wish it would always be this calm and relaxing. As always, I went to class, taking the bus. Surprisingly, it was cooling outside due to yesterday's storms, so I felt my body slightly shivering. Once inside, the...
  9. J

    Stimming and concentration

    Hi, Was diagnosed a few years ago now but still learning about autism. I'm a college student and obviously have a lot of work to do and concentration is required. However I find it really hard to concentrate, if I do on the rare occasion concentrate for more than an hour then I get almost tic...
  10. fern_77

    guilt for stimming

    when i think of or see people or things that make me happy, or listen to music i enjoy, i often flap my hands, shake my fists in front of my chest, or rock back and forth. when i'm upset or overwhelmed i often do those things too, as i find that they help. i also meow sometimes, for no real...
  11. Angie97797

    Am I being irrational here?

    So idk if a lot of you know about fidgets, I mean, probably, this is an autism forum. they’re just something to fidget with, I’m fine with them, I occasionally use them. My problem is the dumb people that use them as toys and just make them in-usable for those who actually need them. It’s...
  12. callmeriver

    does anyone else love magnetic building blocks

    i have really been into magnetic building blocks and i am a bit addicted to it haha. i love building stuff with it, it calms me down when i have a meltdown and it keeps me entertained for hours haha. does anyone else like magnetic building blocks? also here are some pics of things i made to...
  13. callmeriver

    Stimtastic is closing

    i found out recently that one of my favourite shops to buy stim toys and chewys from is closing i am both sad and heartbroken about it because it was one of the first places that helped with my chewing and stimming needs. is anyone else sad about this? i’m pretty sure i am not the only one
  14. jleeb05

    Unusual Smell/Sensory Preferences?

    I've read a lot on the internet and on this forum about people on the spectrum being hypersensitive to certain smells. For me, it seems like the opposite. While there are, of course, certain odors that I don't like, I feel that I have a fairly weak sense of smell. I also seem to enjoy smells...
  15. meg_amber98


    I’m Meg, I’m 22, I’m a suicide survivor, in Ed recovery, sufferer of social anxiety and depression and recently diagnosed asd. I’m hopefully on the road to sobriety but I just can’t seem to stay on the right path. It’s not that I’m a social drinker or smoker of the green stuff as I don’t really...
  16. simetra

    I tried stimming: Tangle toys

    As I am typing this, I am trying to manage fidgeting with my tangle at the same time. If you have read my first post on this topic I tried stimming: Spinning rings, you probably know that this is not the first time I am trying to find a suitable stim toy for myself. You might also not be very...
  17. Izzy

    I can't stop rocking back and forth (stimming)

    Hi everyone, I have posted about this in my introduction post but I thought I'd also ask about it here. I have rocked back and forth as a stim since I was a baby. I used to do it whenever I got stressed or sometimes when I got excited about something positive. The rocking always made me feel...
  18. simetra

    I tried stimming: Spinning rings

    When the general public (which is my floppy term for people who know about the existence of autism but not too much about what it means) thinks about stimming in autism, most will probably come up with rocking, or hand flapping and the like, maybe also audible stims if they have ever been on a...
  19. Kalinychta

    What is your autistic stim?

    There was a thread a few weeks ago about stimming that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. I wondered what makes a stim an autistic stim versus a normal, everyday one? Articles I've read about it all point out that almost everyone stims, not just autistic people. Toe tapping, twirling...
  20. AngelaS267

    Are these Stims?

    Hey, so I'm new to learning about a lot of my behavior being on the spectrum. I have been going back over my behavior trying to decide if what I'm doing is stimming or not. I keep touching my face... A lot. And I realized that I've done that a lot through my life. I will run my fingers over my...
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