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self harm

  1. Roxiee

    I hate it

    I was out to celebrate the queen's jubilee, but I was out with some of my mates, and It's warm but I am wearing a short sleeved top and it's obvious my self harm wounds are obvious but I keep getting weird looks. I hate it
  2. Roxiee

    I've done ok

    Hi guys, I'm back! But I have been having a rubbish time, my daughter is fine! But I wish I was! Lol. I had time to myself as that was needed, I took time out when I needed it but I did self harm. I was suicidal so got put into hospital but I didn't need surgery for my self harm thankfully...
  3. Roxiee

    Update? Suicide...

    It hasn't been a good few weeks I've been in and out of hospital trying to keep alive from my thoughts but it hasn't worked I felt like giving up and was so close to but I thought I can't let my abuser win. I have a daughter to care for she needs me she deserves to have a nice life and. She...
  4. Roxiee

    Suicide (is) or not.

    I just feel like giving up honestly I can't stand people having ago at me, I'm trying my best but then I get used. Why am I even here. Yes, I have my daughter but I wish I never wake up
  5. Roxiee

    let me die please

    I'm lonely I'm alone can't do this anymore. I just got no one who cares. I actually will end up leaving I cba anymore. The police are usel4ess
  6. Roxiee

    What do I do??

    Today, I am going to report my rape to the police, but I'm not sure how to. Do I call 101 then wait? I'm scared . I feel like no-one else listen to me, the clothes I wore I kept, I took pics of cuts and bruises he gave me
  7. Roxiee

    I'm giving up.

    I don't know why I feel so bad, I thought my life was going okay, but I'm giving up. I am so done.
  8. E

    Found out my psychiatrist diagnosed me with aspergers syndrome

    I looked at my dr patient portal and saw she diagnosed me with aspergers back in january but I didn't know. Are the ocd and anxiety (my 2 diagnoses I am aware of) signs of aspergers? I started seeing the psychiatrist because I was hitting myself by accident when I got angry.I also pace when I...
  9. F

    Hi from new Zealand. (trigger warning)

    Hi, my name is flora and I am 20. I finally got diagnosed at the end of last year after waiting 2 years in the public mental health system. My parents didn't have any idea about asd and I grew up knowing I didn't fit in but having no idea why, I developed alot of anxiety and depression trying to...
  10. Coupe

    Feeling like you can't ask for what you want/need?

    Does anyone feel like you can't, or don't even have to right to, stick up for yourself and let people know what you need/want in order to feel comfortable and safe? Whether it was b/c no one ever really helped you learn how, or you tried to when you were growing up and were discouraged from...
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