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  1. its_about_the_cones

    Self-diagnosis and invalidation from family

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so forgive me if I don't know exactly how this works. I just feel that I need to be heard about something. I was diagnosed with ADHD late last year, and I'm still figuring that out. For the past few months, however, I've begun to suspect I also have autism. I've been...
  2. G

    Unofficial Autism Tests

    A couple of days ago I was contacted via my Claritas email, by a Catholic mother asking for prayers for her adult son, whom she says she suspects might be Autistic. I mentioned to her that there does exist these unofficial tests which she could share with her son if he’s open to that; and just...
  3. SolarPoweredNightOwl

    "Actually..." (A one word title for a too-many-words post about self-diagnosis)

    "Actually..." (A one-word title for a way-too-many-words post on my self-diagnosis) At the beginning of this year, I realized I am on the autism spectrum. In this spring, I joined this site, discovered the blog feature, and attempted to write this post, for the first of many times. Initially...
  4. Clueless in Canada

    Autism and CFS/ME

    I've been taking a break from social media and that has included this site as well. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by the very existence of other people, other times I am so absorbed in my interests I don't have time for social media. It has been both of those affecting me lately but in the...
  5. Mathophobe


    Hi, I'm Mathophobe. I suck at math, but I'm pretty good at English for some reason. I recently diagnosed myself with Asperger's after years of contemplating my idiosyncratic behaviors. My fascinations include birds, '90's media, 20th-century politics, the U.S. judicial system, philosophy, gender...
  6. britterfly

    I am new here!

    So, I am new here. A recently diagnosed friend directed me to this forum, as he is under the impression I may also be on the spectrum. Can anyone point me in the direction of reputable online resources for a self-diagnosis? I am quite curious, as my friend and I connected quite well instantly...
  7. D

    Hello! Recently self-diagnosed, excited and confused

    Hey everyone! I am so happy forums like these exist, they've been eye-opening. I've only recently realized I'm an aspie, after stumbling upon checklists and blog which described so much of my experience. A part of me is still in awe of all this, but I couldn't find any better explanation for all...
  8. F

    Adult Aspergers and how they stumbled onto the truth.

    I was half-way through The Creation of Dr B (Bettelheim) when the light dawned. The book is basically an expose of Bruno Bettelheim and his theories of autism. The same book introduced the more credible theories of Hans Aspergers. For about 6 months I looked for web sites by and for the...
  9. Catalyst


    Hello. I'm self-diagnosed, and perhaps incorrectly, but Asperger's (according to the DSM-IV, anyway) fits me very well. My therapist and my psychiatrist believe my bipolar disorder explains everything I've been through as a kid and my social awkwardness now, saying that even aside from bipolar...
  10. Beguiling Orbit

    Credibility of an Official Diagnosis

    If a self-diagnosed Aspie wanted to have a career as an Asperger's advocate (i.e. be a writer, blogger and/or podcaster, or join the staff of an existing ASD advocacy organization or even start a new one) do you think that person would need to obtain an official diagnosis to be considered...
  11. Tulipa

    It's really hard to reconsider the life

    Hi everyone I wanna tell you my story and it's hard to me, because I can't describe my feelings even to my psychologist. English is my second language, sorry for the mistakes c: I was always a soldier. I felt like one, because I have been fighting with my weaknesses. I thought everyone has hard...
  12. M

    Removal of the "Self-Diagnosed" option from diagnosis status

    Part of the profile information on this site includes the diagnosis status. And one of the options is 'Asperger's syndrome - self-diagnosed'. But self-diagnosis is not recommended.
  13. TheArronaut

    Do you think I should try to get a diagnosis?

    I have difficulty connecting with my emotions. To compensate, I will ask others what an appropriate reaction is to any given situation so I can determine if I'm having it. I don't like being touched unless I'm initiating, it gives me a crawly gross feeling. Sudden loud noises are distressing...
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