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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Limerick thread

    Share your best, most creative or thoughtful limericks here! The only prior limerick thread was a limerick competition from 2014 (link), but they had to be autism related. As long as they follow all community guidelines (no swearing or lurid/political topics) there are no such restrictions here...
  2. Chameleon In Recovery

    Nice to Meet you :) Merry Christmas

    I wrote a LONG message pouring out my heart and soul to you guys and it’s lost . :( I was really excited to chat about my current special interest: Autism (lol) to ppl who actually GET IT and understand. Maybe I wasn’t meant to share my dark and twisty past with you all right now. HI ! I’m...
  3. Ikarus Poems

    When Clouds Cry

    When Clouds Cry When clouds cry, People become sad, When clouds cry, Streets are empty and the floor, water holds up. When clouds cry, People are mad. Complains and curses fill their body, If clouds cry. But did someone ask the clouds why they cry? Why they are so sad, If they’re free...
  4. Ikarus Poems

    I'll Wait For You

    I’ll Wait For You I’ll wait for you until you return to my side. I’ll wait for you until I give my last breath. I’ll wait for you sitting there, Watching toward the garden where we met for last time. I’ll wait for you until it won’t on the mountains snow. I’ll wait for you until all waters...
  5. Ikarus Poems

    The Leyend Of The Moon

    The Leyend Of The Moon Among majestic mountains that frightened passersby, Among thick forests that blurred paths, Among riversides that the bridge hugged, The wind dragged, Its shadows with its story, Along with its painful memories. A knot with their hands and an adventure within their...
  6. Ikarus Poems

    Burn And Reborn

    Burn And Reborn Like the leaf that fell from the tree, Like the raindrop that fell from the sky, Like the river that descended until the sea, Not waking up, it fell from its dream. It became that leaf that withered, That raindrop that’s dried by wind, That river that merges with infinite...
  7. Ikarus Poems

    Ikarus Poems

    This is a blog where I will post my poems in both Spanish and English along with my ko-fi link in order to gain money to pay for my psychiatrist as I need help. Donations are highly appreciated, but if you're just here to enjoy my small coontributions to something called art, I'm satisfied too...
  8. nervous habits

    I just want to write music and poetry.

    I've always been a good technical writer, and I can write very clear and well-worded emails and reports. I would say I've got an above average vocabulary. Imagination when it comes to creative writing, poetry, and lyrics has NEVER come easily to me.... or even remotely accessible. I could make...
  9. Suzette

    Speaking of Hos...

    Robert Lewis Stephenson Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Drink and the devil be done for the rest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum The mate was fixed by the bos’n’s pike The bos’n’ brained with a markin spike And Cookey’s throat was marked belike It had been gripped...
  10. Dalia


    Drowning in my thoughts, Pulled beneath the waves. Is it all for naught? Or is there something to save? Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by my thoughts like the water of the ocean, the force of the waves crashing against me and I wonder if there's any hope of being saved from drowning in...
  11. Au Naturel

    Some Poetry

    Autism in the Trenches
  12. homo_aspien

    Expressing how I feel through poem

    Take that boulder of my shoulder. Roll it down the hill, set free my will to live. Understandig is enough, no word, no judge. Warm embrace, love entrance. Just let me be, me.
  13. M

    Hello. I'm new here.

    I'm an adult on the spectrum. I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. When the psychiatrist explained Apspergers, as it was called then, my life came into focus.
  14. Joshua the Writer

    The World Isn't Ready for Me (Poem)

    So, I created this poem and submitted it to be included in my online high school's literary magazine. I just wrote about my disability, without mentioning autism explicitly. I hope it gets in the magazine! Anyways, without much more BS, here it is: I am ready for the world, But is the world...
  15. Write, Rinse, Repeat

    Write, Rinse, Repeat

    I write to express what I cannot express any other way. I've never been much of a conversationalist, and writing allows me to revise until I finally manage to come close to expressing what's inside me. Included within the posts in this blog will be-- grocery lists bits of poetry quotes lyrics...
  16. WittyAspie

    Eating Salmon (vegan trigger warning)

    The pouch rips, the stench drifts It is salmon I have opened Little pink slivers of fish flesh Ready to experience my gullet A mound upon my fork Approaching my mouth carefully A bump, a slip It falls onto my khakis With my fingers I grip This pile of pink fish flesh Then shove it in my mouth...
  17. aquariuskevin

    Birds are singing

    The birds are singing its beautiful day the world is spinning whey hey hey life is beautiful some would say...
  18. aquariuskevin


    Drowning in tears again today the sadness and emptiness of yesterday flood gates of rain still appear running down my faces as beautiful tears...
  19. aquariuskevin

    Poetry of life words on display

    Poetry of life words on display life spoken in a different way just like the beauty of all your sweet dreams words written so eloquently some go criss crossing across the page just like cars driven in different lanes some rhyme like sands of time others drift and go there different ways...
  20. tree

    HAIKUx1: Random Generation of Haiku

    Generator Land: haiku x1 Title: HAIKU x1 Descriptor: TESTING Button: click it Background: midnight [black] because there is no pattern to conflict with the words. Total of Unique Results Possible: 11,718 Format: mywords [group A. phrase of 5 syllables] + mywords [phrase of 7 syllables]...
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