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The Leyend Of The Moon

The Leyend Of The Moon

Among majestic mountains that frightened passersby,
Among thick forests that blurred paths,
Among riversides that the bridge hugged,
The wind dragged,
Its shadows with its story,
Along with its painful memories.

A knot with their hands and an adventure within their gazes,
None of them dared to pronounce the farewell.
Spilling happiness across his crystalline skin,
Bitterness in the depths of his soul remained.

When who a sword carried on his back,
Dropped that grip which angish prolonged,
His being turned in middle of the wooden bridge,
And the lament made his head get down.

“If anything happened to my sir, I’d not be able to dig your grave.”
Hastily, around his torso, a strong hold appeared.
“I do not want to cry your death all nights and days of my life.”
“Do not go, my sir. On my knees, I beg.”

A tormented soul fell on the bridge into desperation.
The last sweet glance got.
“I have to go. It’s my duty. Understand, please.”
“In my ausence, defend the village with honor.”

With serenity, continued his path, not waiting for another word.
Meanwhile, the bridge held the cry of a loss,
And a cruel farewell was witnessed the moon,
Which forced two lovers to walk alone.

Its dim light had engraved in the middle of the night meetings,
Like sunset, caresses, and like dawn, kisses.
From beginning to end, growing that love up observed.
Until fate set them away.

Still, moon reflects two shadows hugging,
Which in life they couldn’t be found anymore.
They had to cross death to meet each other once more,
And never again, their hands let go.

La Leyenda De La Luna

Entre majestuosas montañas que intimidaban a viajeros,
Entre densos bosques cuales desdibujaban los senderos,
Entre orillas que el puente abrazaba,
El viento arrastraba,
Sus sombras con su historia,
Así como sus dolorosas memorias.

Un nudo con sus manos y una aventura entre sus miradas,
Ninguno se atrevía a pronunciar la despedida.
Derramándose la felicidad a través de su piel cristalina,
La amargura quedó en el fondo de su alma.

Cuando quien espada portaba en su espalda,
Soltó ese agarre que la angustia prolongaba,
Su ser giró en medio del puente de madera,
Y el lamento hizo que agachara su cabeza.

“Si a usted le pasara algo, yo no sería capaz de enterrarle.”
Súbitamente, alrededor de su pecho, apareció un fuerte agarre.
“No quiero llorar su muerte todas las noches y días de mi vida.”
“No vaya, señor. Se lo suplico de rodillas.”

Una atormentada alma cayó al puente con desesperación.
Una última dulce mirada recibió.
“Tengo que ir. Es mi deber. Entiéndelo, por favor.”
“En mi ausencia, defiende al pueblo con honor.”

Con serenidad, siguió su camino, sin esperar ni una palabra más.
Mientras, el puente sostuvo el llanto de una pérdida,
Y la luna fue testigo de una cruel despedida,
Que forzaba a dos amantes a solos caminar.

Su tenue luz había recogido en medio de la noche encuentros,
Como el atardecer, caricias y como el alba, besos.
De principio a fin, crecer ese amor observó.
Hasta que el destino les separó.

Aún la luna refleja dos sombras abrazarse,
Cuales en vida ya no pudieron volver a encontrarse.
Tuvieron que cruzar la muerte para de nuevo hallarse,
Y nunca más, de sus manos soltarse.

This is the second poem I wrote, inspired by a cover of a notebook and two characters living in an ancient time. I don't know why I've always been captivated by that pure love that only people from those eras experienced it. However, I add a bittersweet drama which frames the whole picture into realism and beauty.

Remember to support me through my Ko-fi link if you enjoy these poems.

Thank you for reading.

Tomoya 05/06/2022 10:03 PM


Very beautiful and touching. I also love the love stories from ancient times, soulmates enduring hardships and going through heaven and hell together.
Very beautiful and touching. I also love the love stories from ancient times, soulmates enduring hardships and going through heaven and hell together.
Thank you so much, so glad you did! I find such theme very meaningful.

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