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  1. A

    Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024 2024-03-28

    A series of talks on neurodiversity
  2. tripleU

    My language is too mean?

    People consider me to be very rude, and I got banned from blenderartists for this. It's like I don't know some rules of the universe. Like I say you are dumb and some instructions, they get angry. Couldn't you ask me for further info, no just get angry and ban. I can't detect tone. If, I say...
  3. I

    HELP... Which terms should be used to talk about autism?

    It's really important for the world to know how is best to talk about autism. Therefore, if you are an autistic person (self-diagnosed or with a formal diagnosis) anywhere in the world, please tell us about your autism-related language preferences by filling in this 10-minute online...
  4. Lundi

    Strange or non-standard use of language in ASD

    I was told quite often whilst attending meetups that my use of language is odd or "off" compared to a normal person. In worst-case scenarios people just call me "autistic" like an insult. But it is because I refuse to use contractions and other things when speaking English. I also use strange...
  5. M

    Do you make up words that seem more appropriate than the real words?

    Sometimes, I'll make up words that seem to sound better to me than the actual words for things. Often they are rhythmical in nature. When I was a child I gave things in the home, their own names, that sounded better than the actual words, which at times I found hard to say. So, for example...
  6. Smiley

    Non-verbal communication

    My three year old son doesn't talk. He has resisted all our attempts to teach him to sign. I made a few picture cards for him, and he took to them really quickly, used them for three days, then stopped. If he wants something, he indicates by taking someone (usually me) by the hand and leading...
  7. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Filling up your world

    You don’t know your life is filled up with elephants, but it is, believe me. Pay attention today, and see how many elephants you can find. I had this epiphany when my daughter was an elephant-obsessed-two-year old. She thought that elephants were called ‘circles’ because I once told her ‘that’s...
  8. M

    Is the way we learn and use language different from the rest of society?

    Recall learning words as a child, and how I thought each word, the more complex it was, the more magical/special. Learning long words, more than shorter concise ones, caused me a world of pain from my peers and family. Yet I carried on, carting around my gigantic dictionary, as it was and still...
  9. The Midge

    Foriegn Languages

    I'm wondering if it is just me or an Autism thing. I find learning languages very difficult. It might be that the conversation "This pen is blue" or introductions and conversation seem pointless. Or perhaps it is overcoming the social phobias to practice the phrases I learn. Maybe I can't get...
  10. Lena_C

    Mapping the language minefield for kids with autism

    Mapping the language minefield for kids with autism (not written by me) Going bananas. Laughing your head off. Phrases that aren’t literally true make no sense if you have autism, like Michael Barton Why do people with autism, like yourself, find the English language so confusing? Autistic...
  11. Ylva

    Simple languages

    I know many autistics and otherwise learning disabled struggle with language acquisition, or with pronunciation. Natural languages are complex and irregular and take years to learn properly. So, how about conlangs? Esperanto is a really simple language. Toki pona is as simple as they come...
  12. Libecht

    What language can you speak?

    Some Aspies are particularly interested in languages (like me), so I'd like to know what language you guys speak :) Please make a list with the languages you speak and how good you are at them. Proficiency level: Mother tongue/Fluent/advanced/intermediate/beginner Also, list the ones that you'd...
  13. sisselcakes

    Dating man with ASD traits. When/if to broach the subject?

    I just posted a very long narrative about a specific incident I had recently with my boyfriend of 7 months. I have a hard time describing in words my experience with him. I love him very much. He is kind, caring, and loyal. We have ongoing communication problems,usually that end up with me...
  14. Ste83ph

    Aspergers Syndrome/ Asperger/ Asperger's Syndrome?? Any preferences?

    I'm writing a thesis (about counselling and Aspergers). My supervisor just pointed out that most charities are using the word 'Asperger' not 'Asperger's'... Does anyone have an opinion on which is best to use? Thanks, Steph
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