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  1. L

    My partner (ASD) and I (NT) have relationship problems. Looking for advice/different perspectives!

    Hi everyone, This is my first time being on this forum and I'm looking for some perspective on my relationship problems with my partner. Hope to find some fresh insights here :). My partner (officially diagnosed with PDD-NOS as a kid) and I (NT) have been together for almost 3 years. We're...
  2. A

    Haven't had sex with my husband in ten months and I am freaking out

    *waves hello* I'm new here. I wanted to get some advice. My hubby is most likely on the spectrum. He's never been formally diagnosed, but he has all of the symptoms. When we first started dating fourteen years ago, I noticed that something was different about him, but did not know what. I have...
  3. AHClemist

    Craving touch but afraid of intimacy. Your thoughts?

    Hi all, I have looked around the forums for a few days and there is something I noticed. Many people here don’t like to be touched, apart from people they know well. For me, it’s the other way around. I like being touched when a connection to me is not the point of the action. Things like...
  4. Suzanne

    Hugs? Cuddles?

    Because my husband is a huge hugger and I have learned to accept his hugs and up to a certain point, get a sense of warmth from it; not all the time though, he is the only one I can hug ( which, of course is great) :p Anyway, what I find difficultly with regarding hugs, is the absolute...
  5. Ylva

    Eye contact, again

    Here's an article on eyes. What they mean, what they say, how much brain touching to do. (Three seconds, but never more than nine.) For my part, I have to have an extremely good day to be able to count to nine while looking at eyes. I'm starting with three, with eyes on a screen. Thoughts...
  6. Ginseng

    Obtaining greater intimacy in our relationships

    I think this article has some good points. I disagree with them regarding their fidelity beliefs, but other than that I found it helpful. Does anyone else have anything to add about intimacy? I want to focus on being closer to others. I am not in a relationship and probably won’t be this late in...
  7. T

    Touch starved with touch aversion?

    So im pretty upset at the moment so this post might be a little hard to follow. I am asexual with a history of abuse. I do not enjoy sex, I hate it, borderline disgusts me. I am also descovering myself to have touch aversion. Like touching accedently while sitting next to soneone im mostly ok...
  8. J

    Intimacy sucks. Help.

    My boyfriend and I are doing great and we love each other to death but he wants intimacy physically and I don't. I'm also asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone) and refuse to have sex because it doesn't appeal to me and I hate it. I also don't like too much skin touching, and he wants to...
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