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Question regarding the behaviour of my child


New Member
Hello, My name is Jack would like to share my concerns about observation of my child and ask for some recommendations whether I should feel worry. First of all, before I start I would like to say that I come from Poland and the reason why I didnt went to the doctor is that in Poland there is tendency to put harmful diagnosis on most of the childs after 30 min of observation of the kid which may be harmful in future due to to offical declaration ( I know this as my wife is a teacher in primary school) . Thats why I seek recommendation as I believe the level of diagnosis in Poland is shameful.

My child (son named Wiktor ) currently is two year and 10 months old, dont fully speak (I mean with simple constructed sentences). After he finished 2 years we started to worry with my wife because he is very happy smily kid, very open towards new people and new things but he didnt spoke at all at that time. We thought it might be the fault of watching cartoons to much, being very tall and heavy -18kg he started to walk at 18 months old so maybe he focused on that ( I worked like 150km away from.my home and I was coming home very late, while my wife was in pregnancy with second son and after some time between 1,5y till 2 he was watching cartoons to much as he wasnt signed to kindergarden). So due to our observations we decided to shut off completly tv and sign him to kindergarden, where he will receive postive incentives.

I read in american websites that some kids are 'late talkers' due to watching to much tv - which is mostky unkown in Poland. I personaly blamed myself for that my kid dosent speak as when my child had 1 year, when we were walking and I holded him in my hands I almost twisted angel due to broken brick and droped him. Due to this accident he had swell on the forehead.

Immediately after the accident we went to hospital for RTG and doctor said only to observe him if he dosent show signs of concusion (vomiting etc.) everything should be ok. However after we shut down the tv things started to be better - he started to imitate the sounds of the animals and machines(cars, trains etc.).He made new friends in kindergarden and is happy when he goes there ( but very often he is sick and he walks there with the big gaps).

With time he started to be attached to much to my wife without her he sometimes dont want to go outside only with me if mom plans to stay in home. He is very introvert but happy he likes to come.to new people and show off but after all this time he can say only like 30 words (boots,milk, no, plenty of animals, cars etc) rest immitating the voices, howerver he understand almost everything what you say to him. For example when we ask him to throw something to garbage he does that, when we say that he should use sth he also does that, whatever you ask him for sth he does this or says no with compelte understanding what we asking him. Only sometimes he have bad days where he closing himself , he is gloomy and crying a lot.

Maybe I am overreating because due to second son he might be jealous, he started to meet other kinds very late, but like today grandparents showed him.small cats he took care of them like far older kid, brought them milk he stroke them played with them we were Simple amazed by this how kind good and wise he is. Maybe he needs a bit more time and that all what do you thing?
You can do some research on this, but between the ages of 1 and 3 the brain is in a developmental period where less used neuronal pathways are normally being self-sacrificed,...the process called "programmed cell death", or "apoptosis",...also called "neuronal pruning". This is normal. However, in some genetic variants of autism, this process does not occur, and there can be overgrowth of neurons,...to the point where it adversely effects functioning. One of the more common things we see in these individuals is a small child who appears to be meeting his/her developmental milestones,...then regresses,...and/or begins to exhibit the more common symptomatology of early autism in small children. Other things to watch for is a seemingly abnormal level of physical discoordination, balance issues, abnormal gate, walking on the toes, and general "clumsiness" as compared to his/her peers. Hand flapping, rocking, hands over the ears, general irritability in "stimulating" environments, crying for "no apparent reason", and a tendency to seek calm, quiet environments away from other children. What I have mentioned are more the "classic signs" of autism in the small child. Having said that, not all small children will present this way, are more subtle in their presentation, and may exhibit more subtle behavior issues,...and may not be diagnosed with their autism until much later in life.

You can go on-line and look up the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for autism and see if any behaviors "fit". Now, do keep in mind, your son is still quite young and his brain is still growing quickly, and his behaviors are likely to change over time. If you are genuinely concerned, begin writing down your observations,...I wrote mine down on a Microsoft Word file and kept updating it over several weeks and months prior to my first psychologist appointment. Sometimes having a "body of evidence" can be helpful.
@Insai177, are you still in Poland?
If so, see if Poland has a national autism society. They should be more competent in how they handle such concerns.
Also if your parents are alive, ask about them what you were doing at that age. My daughter babbled a lot, and l couldn't make sense of it. But later l listen to a VHS recorded tape of her, and the words made sense. Go figure. Your child has empathy, and is good natured, those traits are very important. Perhaps if you could enroll him in gymnastics, (they do have classes for that age in Arizona, USA). Just getting him out and interacting with other kids maybe great motivation for him.
Thank you for the responses somehow you calmed me down I really appriciate this. I will observe note things and in case if there wont be progress i will go to the doctor. Thx

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