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  1. tripleU

    Gone Crazy, Need to recover

    Hello, I have gone crazy, I am destroying everything harming everything. From this; From the my language is too mean thread, I learned to be precautious but they were still acting like 3 year olds. Venting does help a bit, but the person, has to take interest in it as I am too smart for that...
  2. tripleU

    Super Emotional?

    Hi, I am super emotional? I keep getting complained for this, and even banned from r/autism, don't go there. Here is one example, when I got one downvote on Reddit, My ears got hot red and couldn't do anything that day until I found this forum. Also people on r/autism complained about my super...
  3. T

    Recruiting participants for a study on autism, emotion regulation, masking, and human-animal interactions

    Hello everyone! My name is Harrison Chapman, a doctoral candidate and autistic researcher, in Counseling Psychology at the University of Georgia. I am inviting you to take part in a research study for a dissertation, which explores different ways autistic adults regulate their emotions. In the...
  4. FlowerFlo

    Extrovert or copying people ?

    I not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I currently noticed i like to be around people and interact wiht them. But i am not sure if i am just copying them and there emotions or if being around people accutally makes me happy.Or it is boht? I do copy ohter emotions like anger...
  5. T

    Emotional externalisation. What it means to me.

    This is a blog which demonstrates my experiences of the confusing boundaries between emotional regulation and disregulation In my autistic behaviours every day. This blog will encompass the complexities of how I think, feel, adapt (mask) and interact with the world around me, outlining the...
  6. M


    I'd like to know if anyone has been formally diagnosed with Alexithymia. I think I have it (to some degree), but it's not worth the cost and hassle to get diagnosed. I'd like to hear more about typical emotional experiences from others with it. Personally, I've had several instances where I had...
  7. N

    Asperger and long distance communication

    A hello to everyone and I hope you are all well due to current situations. I had a thought basically awhile ago but it came into my mind again today . Since I am currently in a long distance relationship right now for a while longer and since we can’t see each other so much. I relay mostly...
  8. Isadoorian

    How are you feeling? (in Music)

    Inspired by the "How are you feeling? (in images)" thread. As usual, do try to keep the music inline with the PG-13 rules/guidelines of the forum. I'll start:
  9. Andie Kinney

    Adopted father has cancer, I'm not sad but feel guilty

    [Already posted in Forums] I found out that my adopted father has lymphoma and I don't feel sad. I was abused and have stopped talking to most of the adopted family. I didn't feel happy finding out but I wasn't sad either. I don't know if this is because of autism or trauma. I do feel anxiety...
  10. I

    Study about hearing and emotions

    Hello everybody! We are a research team from the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine (IMMM, Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller) of the University of Music, Drama and Media based in Hanover, Germany and are currently conducting a large-scale online study on hearing and emotions. For...
  11. aspieandconfused_87

    No longer want to talk to a girl at work that I had a crush on...

    Hello All, So there's this girl at work I was crushing on pretty hard, shes pretty, nice to talk to, actually seemed interested in what I had to say, and would even come to me and talk to me out of her own will, and I felt a connection with her, we have chatted off an on here and there. I...
  12. Autistamatic

    Empathy and YOUR feelings as an AS person

    I'm asking for your opinions of how your experience of empathy - i.e. how the feelings of others affect you, makes you feel inside. The first video I did on the empathy topic covered how empathy can work for us, the second I'm currently working on talks about how and why we may be incorrectly...
  13. MrSpock

    Defining Hurt

    I don't know how useful this thread might be. I very recently got an idea of how lost I am (we are?), thought I'd share. I was having a conversation regarding a woman I'm sexually/romantically interested in, and I was asked if she had done anything to hurt me. I stated that I didn't know her...
  14. NT_tavbabe

    Feelings about feelings

    I just have a general question, how do you feel about having feelings for other people? Cause I hate it a lot, to me it just gets in the way with unnecessary emotions and cause disruptions in my life when all I want is to end up alone and work so I can live in comfort.(also with a cat) so is...
  15. Metta

    Judging emotions vs judging non-sexual attractiveness

    Do you think there’s any similarity between someone on the spectrum trying to interpret emotional cues, and a person trying to judge how attractive someone else is (to other people on average) if they are not sexually attracted to that gender? For example, how should a heterosexual man go about...
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