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  1. Arsinoe

    2nd driving lesson

    I managed to place my legs correctly over the pedals so I'd properly switch between the accelerator and clutch pedal. Even learned how to do it faster..but just when I was getting used to that, the teacher wanted to teach me how to do the 'stop' procedure with the brake. Good Lord, ofc it went...
  2. Arsinoe

    Driving lessons torture

    Hi to everyone :) So I've suspected for years that I'm on the spectrum, I have no official diagnosis yet, I just know that I ''click'' on all those autistic trait boxes and every year that passes, it becomes more and more noticable in my daily life..especially as I get more responsibilities and...
  3. T

    Difficulty Learning/Adjusting to Driving

    I'm getting back into driving practice lately; I started very late compared to some people, 21 years old when I first got my learner's permit. Classroom learning was no issue for me, I'm fine learning the signs and on-paper rules of the road. But I absolutely drag my feet when it comes to...
  4. M

    How many people on the spectrum operate watercraft?

    If you are one, are there any noteworthy things about you when it comes to boating? What portion of aspies operate watercraft?
  5. disconnected

    Bad driving experience.

    Today’s anxiety driving in was very bad. I have a tough time driving into the city. Today I was shaking while driving, I felt dizzy today and began to loose focus with my general vision. I almost lost focus on the world. What was that about? I’ve trembled or shaken before but what was the...
  6. ConqueringZero44

    Driving and Me.

    So, i got my license a couple years ago. The theory tests were easy, most theory is. Depending, on a person's level of understanding, but anyway. That's beside the point. When i did my test, it took me till the fifth attempt to be able to get it. I was always jealous of people who could pass on...
  7. J


    I'm not formally diagnosed but I believe I have ASD.. I'm 21, and from Ireland we have to sit a written exam to get a provisional licence, and then 12 lessons before we can sit an actual driving test. I have all my lessons done and I'm waiting for my test. My parents are forcing me to do...
  8. BraidedPony

    Problem driving and getting lost

    I’ve lived in this small to medium sized city for 22 years and i get lost almost every time I go somewhere. Is this an Aspie thing? I have just started driving again after about 9 years of staying home. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia back in the late 1970’s. So, before going out i Google map...
  9. Jena

    How can I successfully learn to drive a car before my permit expires in January?

    Okay before you say "just keep practicing" that is not the issue here, I do practice, the problem I am having is I can't focus. Even with my focus meds. I have like no awareness of others around me and I am very worried this would impact my driving. Yesterday I drove to Petsmart to get more cat...
  10. Highway Cowboy

    Struggling At Work

    I'm a Trucker (HGV Driver), just wondering if anyone has any advice. The company I work for, generally we all have our own routes every day so therefore always know what we're doing and where we are going in advance. However just lately they've started messing with our routes (seems mine...
  11. P


    Considering the fact that coordination is often an issue for aspies in general, do you consider driving a difficult task? How do you feel about it? If you currently drive, how long did it take before you were comfortable operating a vehicle on your own? Is the amount of information that comes at...
  12. Highway Cowboy

    What do i do now?

    Hi guys, recently diagnosed Aspergers, age 46. I'm a HGV Driver. High functioning autism /Aspergers. What am I supposed to do after diagnosis? I'm not looking for any benefits or anything like that.. Just wondered what I'm supposed to do now. Paid a fortune for private diagnosis cos NHS told...
  13. WittyAspie

    What If/Bad Drivers

    Most of us seem to get along well with each other most of the time. But what if we had to put up with each other’s driving? I wonder if we would be able to maintain amicable interactions if we found out that someone’s driving style really irked us. Most people think their driving habits are...
  14. Jorg

    Driving skills and etiquette: Obsessing with order

    How organized or respectful of the law are you while driving? I ask because well I tend to be a little strict with laws and driving etiquette. Even when I live in a country full of terrible drivers and roads I try to follow order, my cousins american husband even said he doesn't like to drive...
  15. Mr Allen

    Aspies and driving lessons?

    Topic. A few years back after I'd been diagnosed, I applied to the DVLA for a Provisional license to have driving lessons, but was refused because they said due to my disabilities I wouldn't be able to safely control a car, this was for a manual, and with my tendency to get mad easily, I'd be a...
  16. Mr Allen

    Should I re-apply for a Provisional driving license for an Automatic?

    Topic. About 13 years ago I applied for a "normal" driving license and was turned down, they said I was too disabled to control a car, and with my AS I would be a candidate for "road rage" (Pardon? OK I get mad easily but I'm not that bad!) I now feel I could learn in an Automatic vehicle...
  17. Sportster

    Driving and Being on the Spectrum

    . . .
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