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  1. S

    How did you get started drawing / painting?

    I pulled out my tablet and tried to sketch some stuff out and realized I have the drawing talent of a 3-year-old. So, uhh, how did you learn to make things that actually look pretty plausible? I can use any tips and examples I can get. And I'd also love to hear stories about how you got started...
  2. Rodafina

    Black and White

    I’m constantly reminded that my black and white thinking is wrong. But, in art, it feels pretty right. Pelicans (I didn’t know they were pelicans, actually, thank you to those in the comments who identified them.) Santa Cruz Breakwater, California, USA. Somewhere in Utah, I think pretty...
  3. Rodafina

    Does anyone out there enjoy mandalas?

    I enjoy the repetitive symmetry – both drawing them and viewing them.
  4. Jenisautistic

    Advise for my drawing

    I like this Picture I just drawn but I think it’s missing a little something do you guys think have any suggestions? what do you think my drawing?
  5. Rotundi

    What's your talent?

    I'm great with clay sculpting, but not too good with drawing. Recently started watercolor painting and toy photography. What are your talents and what projects are you currently working on?
  6. Bolletje

    Drawing/painting challenge

    Hi guys and gals! To keep ourselves entertained during these times of quarantine, I would like to propose a new challenge. I name a subject, and the next poster makes a painting/drawing/doodle/cartoon of said subject. It doesn’t have to be high quality or super artistic. Then he/she names a new...
  7. My drawing of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell from the movie Goodburger

    My drawing of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell from the movie Goodburger

    I am a pop culture artist and all of my art is focused on the 90's. This is a pencil portrait I drew. I'm @abbysradart on IG!
  8. Jenisautistic

    Does anyone like coloring,drawing or writing ?

    Does anyone find coloring or drawing relaxing ? I used to draw a lot now I don’t draw as much but I still color a lot I’m trying to get back into drawing but it’s difficult It’s the same thing with writing stories I use to made a lot of short stories or a fanfiction or two. I wrote...
  9. Ameriblush

    I have a treasure trove of weird ideas to write & draw....

    I've posted before that I love to draw comics. It might seem weird to see someone like me complain that I have too many ideas to draw. But I do! And I have issues deciding, it's like it just blows up in a big dilemma over nothing thinking about it. Do any of you guys suffer from this alot? What...
  10. Voltaic


  11. JaffaCake

    Drawing dry spell

    Hey guys I have no idea what it's I'm hoping to achieve out of this discussion but I don't know any artsy people. I picked up drawing again after 10+ years. (cartoons & general doodles) Things have been going well for the first few months but for the past three weeks I've become frustrated...
  12. JaffaCake

    Anybody know about graphics tablets ?

    Hey guys. Sorry to bother you again so soon. I've been meaning to get a graphics tablet for awhile now to start playing with animations. looking to spend around £30-£50 would they be decent at the price \ work well ? (I only want to mess around for now) Also not got around to install...
  13. Loke

    I like drawing... A whole lot. [Violence Warning]

    I figured I might as well share my obsession: Drawing. Not just any kind of drawing, my focus within art is pretty narrow, as much as I know I should expand my horizon to improve as an artist. I, so to speak, "specialize" in drawing expressive cartoon characters, usually focusing on a select few...
  14. A


    Hi I'm Julia. I'm 22 years old and just got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. I've always suspected that my ADD diagnosis as a child was either incomplete or misdiagnosed. Once I graduated college, I decided to get reevaluated. I like drawing, graphic design, painting, and ceramics. I'm also a...
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