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Does anyone find coloring or drawing relaxing ?

I used to draw a lot now I don’t draw as much but I still color a lot

I’m trying to get back into drawing but it’s difficult

It’s the same thing with writing stories I use to made a lot of short stories or a fanfiction or two.

I wrote two first drafts of non published books one fiction and one non-fiction .
I've never been one for drawing, colouring I don't really do, but have had my eyes on some themed colouring books (a Dungeons and Dragons one at my Local Game Shop for example) to buy and colour in for kicks.

I've also been thinking of writing a series inspired by Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase series which all revolve around Mythology. I found the other week that someone in his "Rick Riordan Presents" Foundation that lets others write novels based on Mythology/Folklore within their own culture, that someone's already started a series based around Najavo Native American Mythology/Folklore. But I'm wanting mine to be based around Tsimshian folklore/Mythology (which is the people of which I'm descended from), and maybe other Native Canadian Mythology/Folklore as well.

Also, more info on "Rick Riordan Presents" can be found here: Rick Riordan Presents | Rick Riordan :)
I don't draw or color - I have no visual artistic skills at all.

I write poetry, though. I don't write serious, deeply meaningful stuff. I write immature, absurd, and fun stuff - stuff that makes me laugh or stuff that my children think is fun.
I used to love drawing and writing, but once I was working with kids I hardly had time for it. Now I enjoy both from time to time but not often.
When I was a kid I used to draw cars, houses, things like that. Don't really get into it now since I draw mechanical things all day at work.
I used to draw and paint.. Very limited subjects though. Mostly dogs, which was one of my special interests.
Sometimes I would sketch ideas for things I wanted to build, but really couldn't hope to, due to limited resources.

When I was a kid I drew pictures usually relating to my special interests at the time. Often these were directly related to planning my escape. I drew vehicles, hide-outs, things like that. :oops:
I don't write - I don't have the imagination for story-telling at all. Never have done. In my teenage years I wrote poetry, but most teenagers do that to deal with their angst :p

I make time to draw and paint though - you can check out my Instagram if you'd like, it's in my signature. It's hard at times, but worth putting effort into to practice, so I encourage you to keep going with it! :)
Sadly lets just say my " artistic" skills are NOT good but yes when i was younger i did drawing & coloring allot, sometimes i coloring this days tho
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When I was younger, I liked to draw, scan & computer-color.* (I have a collection of [188] customized figures just for that purpose.)

We are close to empty-nesting, so maybe I can resume that.

Light Corps

Studio 126

*I like computer-coloring for how corrigible it is.
I had only starting writing a year ago, but I have enjoyed the process planning and writing short stories. The 2 that I've wrote so far are weird science-fictions, and am planning on writing some more soon!
I like all of them, but I'm not very good at any. I am writing a couple of textbooks that I hope to publish some day though!
I really wish I knew how to draw. If I did, that's probably what I'd do all day. But I'm horrible at it.

I do love to write. I don't write original stuff though, like stories. I just write about thoughts, ideas, happenings, kind of obsessively..o_O It's more like stream of consciousness stuff. I organize my thoughts, like my brain is a huge filing cabinet with notes in it. Or if I don't have any desire to organize my thoughts, it's just random stuff that pops into my head at the moment. Or I just write down stuff I hear (echographia).
It's a myth that you either can or cannot draw. The more practice and training, the better you are, which is true for any craft. I used to draw stick figures and believed this myth.

Now I draw stick figures and don't believe the myth! :D

Just kidding! :cool:
I think I am just traumatized 'cause my teacher in the 3rd grade made fun of my drawing.

I mean.. yeah it was pretty awful but she didn't have to make fun of it!

My poor fine motor skills make it really hard for me to even have the patience to draw. So, yeah stick figures are pretty much all I can draw. :D
I LOVE drawing! I've been drawing Kirbies ever since I came up with the idea for a comic series! Although I find myself playing LittleBigPlanet more than anything...
I really like drawing if there's no pressure and it's just for fun, like doodles on a page. I find colouring kind of tedious though. I got an adult colouring book that was for Halloween last year, and I haven't even finished the second page yet. Maybe next Halloween :p

As for writing, I used to like writing fanfiction as well as original stories. I even did NaNoWriMo once. My job requires a lot of writing though so it's hard to want to do it in my free time as well. I would love to get back into it one day though. It's fun creating worlds, or playing with other people's.
I think I am just traumatized 'cause my teacher in the 3rd grade made fun of my drawing.

I mean.. yeah it was pretty awful but she didn't have to make fun of it!

My poor fine motor skills make it really hard for me to even have the patience to draw. So, yeah stick figures are pretty much all I can draw. :D

I had the same thing happen! The teacher said, in front of the class, seemingly out of nowhere, at the end of the year, "Seriously?? You can't draw better than this?" and made a sound of disgust.

I found it odd because it was a writing assignment which incidentally involved some drawing, and I was proud of what I had written but that part didn't seem to be noticed.

It's not like I'm amazing or anything but it's a massive difference from the disfigured lumpy stick figures I used to draw! :D:eek::cool:

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