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  1. D

    Which generation likely has the most autistic people?

    If I’m going to guess, I would possibly say Generation X or Millennials. Though Generation Z might have the most. Not sure, would appreciate some replies for this discussion though.
  2. Uninstalling


    How do you guys feel when you uninstall or delete stuff that you don't need off of your device? Personally... WOW it feels great. I also enjoy changing my laptop's desktop wallpaper. Computering is fun :P My Mum's a huge fan of computers so I get my fast typing fingers from her. How do you like...
  3. M


    I'd like to know if anyone has been formally diagnosed with Alexithymia. I think I have it (to some degree), but it's not worth the cost and hassle to get diagnosed. I'd like to hear more about typical emotional experiences from others with it. Personally, I've had several instances where I had...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Anybody Else Overthink About Your Validity Within The Autism Community?

    For me, it seems that I am decent at socializing as long as I am within a small group of people. For some reason, my brain registers this as a sign that I am not Autistic and I was improperly diagnosed, despite me being diagnosed as Autistic by a professional and having many other symptoms...
  5. Ylva


    The science of memetics is the study of how ideas spread. At least that's how I understand it. And for a while I thought, okay, that's cool that it's not just about lol memes, but so what? But now I think it might touch upon an important mechanism that can help us understand the allistic world...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    Why We Need to Respect Sexual Orientation, Gender Diversity in Autism

    [Not written by me] Source: Why We Need to Respect Sexual Orientation, Gender Diversity in Autism —————————— Our culture suffers from an ‘eternal child’ bias — the reluctance to acknowledge or see individuals with developmental differences as mature and capable of self-determination. This bias...
  7. A

    What are your thoughts on autistic supremacy

    So I just came a cross a Wikia site of this proposed nation called Aspergia where autistic people (specifically Aspies) are the ruling class. They make all sorts of statements on how they're "superior" to neurotypicals and LFAs and stuff like that (basically white supremacists, but autistic)...
  8. 10PurpleHippopotamuses

    Discord server for those on the spectrum

    A few of the members of this forum, including myself, created a Discord server for people to join in as members. We allow free discussion, with the exception for rabble rousing. We do ask that people try their best to be civil, and we in return promise to be understanding to people's actions...
  9. I

    Ramblings of a Lost Adult

    I don't choose sides. I listen and analyze. I want to learn more about other people from all kinds of communities to further understand why communication is so difficult within societies, when all we are are born, and out to survive.
  10. Bolletje

    Factual errors in entertainment

    So, just curious how many of you have the same pet peeve as I do. I love watching series and movies, a lot. I'm a sponge for knowledge of all kinds (and random facts that are pretty useless) and love watching shows with medical, (pseudo)scientific, or historical subjects. What gets me every time...
  11. SalanaEiyungAisis

    Why does some Don Bluth's movies of the nineties gets such a bad rap?

    The nineties are an era in which many Don Bluth fans (and cartoon fans in general, for that matter) consider the worst times for Don Bluth. Many movies made in that time ( mainly, Thumbelina (1994), A Troll in Central Park (1994) and The Pebble and the Penguin (1995)) are said to be extremely...
  12. SalanaEiyungAisis

    Am I the only one who wishes to live in my favourite cartoons/Animes Universe?

    Please, don't laugh at me for telling you this... :nomouth: I do know that cartoons are creations of humans, but that does not mean I don't consider them as ''unreal''. For me, no matter what, they are always ''real'' in the sense that they have emotions, an interesting story and that I can...
  13. R

    How to keep in touch with friend

    I don't do anything interesting and my friend doesn't either. This means we don't have much to talk about our daily lives. We don't have discussion topics. I'd like some ideas about what to talk or ask. I'd also like tips on how to maintain the friendship since I've never had one that lasted.
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