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  1. OnyxM

    Work on retail they said..you'll develop skills they said..

    YAYAYYYY social infested jobs, people focussed fast paced work environments!!!!!! Best medicine for all of us folks with autism or autism+ADD or both or even with those with social anxiety..go to them they said, work there and you'll acquire skills and learn to manage your anxiety and your fears...
  2. CyborgSpaceKitten

    I have trouble controlling the volume of my voice

    For years I have been getting complaints from family and friends that I speak too quietly, and it has gotten to the point where people are starting to get frustrated with me because they have to continually ask me to repeat myself. When I speak at a tone that others think is audible, to me it...
  3. OnyxM


    Hi everyone :) Nice to meet you all here. I decided to register here because I suspect I either have ASD or ADD or both and I'm not sure yet so I'm on the research spree for the moment. Can't afford a diagnosis for now so self diagnosis is my only option. I'm hoping that by reading these forums...
  4. O

    Possible treatment for ASD and ADHD.

    Hi people, I'm also an Aspie and have discovered a simple trick which calms me down 24/7 and allows my mind to have a single focus, rather than the conflicting, stressful state I was born with. I've not discussed this trick before, and continue to experiment. The trick is to simply block one...
  5. J

    Struggling with fixations and obsessive interests

    I've had obsessions and fixations about certain topics since I was a kid. It's not until recently that it's become a big problem for me. Here's the situation: I'm a big Zelda fan, love the franchise, and I was really excited to hear that Nintendo is making a sequel to Breath of the Wild (a very...
  6. Jena

    Blogging about the struggles

    My blog is about challenges I face day by day, from my dad, my peers, and even people who are there to "help" me. About how I feel my issues are overlook by some people if not all people I know in real life. Just because my problems aren't as extreme as some other people out there doesn't mean I...
  7. Major Tom

    Can't keep a single train of thought.

    Blue Heron by Major420 posted Dec 8, 2017 at 6:53 AMLately, I have been struggling keeping my train of thought. Hopefully I can form some sort of coherent thread here, if not I apologise. My mind is constantly wandering, like a leaf blowing in a strong autumn breeze, or perhaps a butterfly, at...
  8. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Your Idol

    I would love to learn about who you look up to and why! My idol is Jeremy Powers the 4x National Cyclocross Champion. The reason for this is because of how he is life was affected as a kid with ADD. He is a very nice and caring hero to me and I try to catch up with him on facebook, or in...
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