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Why would a man use a lot of innuendo?

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Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
It's normal to laugh and feel entertained, feel emotions. As it's normal to feel uncomfortable\aversive if it's too much and disgusts you, and they're treating you like a sexual object not wanting to further the relationship.
Some women like the attention, particularly if the person doing it is attractive.
Did you read my post about "Flirtation"?


uwu owo uwu
V.I.P Member
As you know, I don't lack assertiveness, so it wouldn't be a problem for me.

But, on reflection, if a person isn't confident in approaching a person in such a situation, perhaps changing times might actually be the better option if there is no inconvenience.
Approaching management without talking to the guy might punish someone who may not deserve it.

I have been on the receiving end of many attempts at character assassination myself, hence my interest in this thread. I'd rather an innocent person isn't unjustifiably vilified.
The guy may be a creep, but we don't really know.

My policy is to avoid conflicts wherever I can. However, my assertiveness has paid dividends from time to time.
But, "whatever floats one's boat".
Depends how you approach it with the higher ups.

I would also argue if you're on your job you also have to be professional not flirt with the custommers unless they start it, or not even so. Sure, we're all animals sometimes, but when we're not getting away with it and we have rules, boundaries and limitations and find when it is appropriate to do it's better.


uwu owo uwu
V.I.P Member
In dog training we have what I call Tactical Tempting. It works like this: after a correction, you give freedom to a dog, "go be mean to that dog again," if it takes the bait and does it, it's gonna get corrected. And given, these are dogs, an animal basically, not humans, they're instinctual, but they still learn proper behaviour.

Now this is bordering on illegal, you can't bait a person into crime, in the human world. Thing is, in some behavioural situations it works. And nobody's gonna arrest a woman for example for skimpy dressing or being attractive.


Staff member
V.I.P Member
I regret laughing at the first joke.

I have tried to convey that I'm not amused since then.

Dealing with a lot of health problems, job loss in past few weeks and I'm not feeling up to talking to him. Too anxious.

You aren't obligated to speak to this person.
You've done what you can to get across the idea that
you're not enjoying the sort of attention he's directing
toward you.
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