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Borrowed it from the moon, and some day will repay it, with interest.

Where did some people's sense of humor go, in the past month?
To the arcade, theater, gym, or park, where they cannot follow.

Where did my stimulus check go?
Which one?
Where did the old man go after he won all that money on Jeopardy?
Shambala Cafe, until they permanently closed their doors.

Where did the Hindu religion originate?
Hinduism seems to have originated in the geographical area
now called Pakistan, although some people believe that it
always existed and no location can be pinpointed.

Where did all this rain come from today?
Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.

Where did you last read a book?
Curled up, surrounded by a horseshoe of soft pillows, imagining China.

Where did you learn to ride a bike?
On a concrete patio in my backyard at age 6.

What sound makes you happy?

Darn it! I messed up. I was supposed to ask a question that starts with “where did…”

Do over please…

Where did you last hear sounds that made you happy?
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(Where did you last hear sounds that made you happy?)

The purring from the throat of my orange cat is
where the sound that made me happy came from.
Where did the wealthy frogs go in the winter?
They dig holes deep under the mud. They create a fairyland castle where they hold fancy balls all throughout the winter, wearing their finest royal vestments. On the last day of winter, one frog is voted "Frog Prince" and he is given the power to turn into a real prince, if only a fair maiden will kiss him.

Where did you learn to take care of animals?
To bed, in soft, starlight clouds, behind the furthest mountain.

Where did I get all these apples?
I don't know. I'm not done living yet.

Where did people first discover dogs?

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