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take turns

  1. tree

    A to Z WORDS that END in the letters 'ED'

    A to Z WORDS that END in the letters 'ED' Take turns going through the alphabet, :) offering a word that ends with the letters 'ed.' Example: asked bathed canned danced etc... That's it. Alphabetical and your word needs to end with the letters 'ed.' :cool:
  2. mysterionz

    A to Z Baby Names

    Let’s play a fun game. Each user will take turns commenting a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. Once the letter Z is reached, the cycle starts over at the letter A. Example: Poster 1: Addison Poster 2: Bailey I will start. Amarylis
  3. tree

    What in the Where

    This is an alphabetical *What in the Where* game. We go through the alphabet, starting with the letter "A." Then the next entry the *What* and the *Where* will start with the letter "B." And so on. The 'what' and the 'where' will be nouns that start with the same letter. Either common or...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Let's write a story one sentence at a time.

    Minimum words per sentence is 4, maximum words are 20. If your sentence exceeds twenty words, put an ellipses ( . . . ) after it, and the next person has to continue it. No double-posting. Sentences that would instantly end the story such as "Then they all died" are not allowed. You can only...
  5. tree

    ACRONYM Game

    What is an acronym? An acronym is an abbreviation formed from initial letters of other words. The acronym may be pronounced as a word. Although "initial" means "first," for the purposes of this game, we are going to use the LAST letters from each of the words to make acronyms. Please follow...
  6. tree


    GREEN This thread is dedicated to Green Images & Concepts. Let's take turns posting pictures that are mostly green, words that mean green in English or any other known language, or concepts that are "green" in the sense that they are environmentally friendly. Go green. :evergreen:
  7. tree

    WHERE DID...

    WHERE DID... Ask any question that starts with the words "Where did..." The next poster answers the question and poses another. Example: Where did you get that hat? My grandfather willed this hat to me. Where did those elephants come from? These are some dehydrated elephants I bought last...
  8. tree

    LAST 2/FIRST 2

    Last 2/First 2 Make a new word starting with the last two letters of the previously posted word. Like this: stomach chooser ergonomic iconoclast A little mercy is appreciated---even though you may really really want to use the word "chart," you can think of another word. I don't know any...
  9. tree


    It starts off with a small phrase. The next person follows with a phrase starting with the last word of the previous phrase and so on. Example: Want to play Play with me Me and my big mouth Mouth of a river... -------------------------------- Let's start with this phrase: TIME TO PLAY
  10. tree


    FOOD FIGHT 1. The first player will throw a food at the maker of this thread. 2. The next person to post will throw food at the person before him. 3. And so on.... RULE: What you throw must be food. When I say 'throw a food' this means you will name a food and the method you are using to do...
  11. Geordie

    Word Association Game

    Post a word that associates with the word above it. For example: Grass/Cow, Stadium/Football or Strawberry/Red. Ok may I start now? Tiger
  12. superboyian

    Last person to post wins.

    Basically it's a competition here, the last person to post wins (fun and humourous topic). -- Oh yes, I win because I was the first and the last person to post! I shall celebrate with a good drink of champaign. :p
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