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What was the main reason you joined to the forum?

I joined to learn more about ASD, because I had suspicions that I had ASD. My suspicions were confirmed last week, and now I do not know what to expect going forward. I am hoping interacting with you guys will help me to figure things out.
To bloody well prove to my ex partner that I wasn't bloody autistic & that I would have nothing in common with anyone here & everyone here would be totally offended by anything I said as a result.

Jokes on me then.
Because a certain other site had reached a particular state. I describe this unique state via the scientific term of "it blows goat chunks". Whole place was out of control and had become a toxic mess that was frequently overrun by bots, because of course it was. A site supposedly meant to help had become one almost guaranteed to hurt. And it's not like those in charge there cared... they fueled it. Ridiculous.

I dont recall how I heard about THIS site, but boy am I glad I did. It's like the polar opposite of what that had become. My scientific investigations of this site have revealed zero manifestations of goat chunks. It also doesnt get overrun by bots every 2 seconds.
Yes. The minimal ads are quite nice too. Can skip over them without being forced to watch endless flickering videos!
Yes. The minimal ads are quite nice too. Can skip over them without being forced to watch endless flickering videos!

Hm, no adblock? You have far more patience than I do, then. If that didnt exist, I wouldnt even be on the internet whatsoever.
I access this site on my android phone. Ad Block only works on a PC, no? I don't stay around for too long anyhow.
I access this site on my android phone. Ad Block only works on a PC, no? I don't stay around for too long anyhow.

There are forms of adblocker software that can be used on mobile devices. Makes sense... more and more people are frustrated with the constant aggressive idiocy from these stupid companies. And it can be outright worse on mobile than on a PC, as the browsers tend to be a bit more... screwy. And slow, if they are using normal signals instead of wifi. So the adblockers become even more desired.

Heck, people have gotten so tired of ad crap that someone even came up with a browser extension called SponsorBlock. If you've been on Youtube much, you've probably seen the most recent annoying trick ad companies are using: get the Youtubers to put the ad IN the video. Those stupid sponsor segments, you know. A normal adblocker cant take apart the video file itself, after all! But someone managed to find a way. To come up with a method like that and actually implement it... I imagine whoever made the thing must loathe ads even more than I do, which is quite the feat. That bit is on PC, I have no idea if any form of that one appears on mobile.
Had no expectations when l arrived here. Then l ended up hanging out to understand myself better and ended up with more empathy towards the spectrum flyers like me navigating around of the freeways of life.
I was curious one day in 2016 or so to see if there were any actual forums for autism in general. And that's when I met tree and Nitro :)
To interact with others with similar life experiences.
To talk about issues that I can't talk to anyone about in real life.
I had just been diagnosed and was web searching for information on Asperger's and autism.
One of the questions brought me to this forum and I could really relate to what I was reading here.
Decided to join. Glad I did!
To help me understand more about myself from the sharing of the expereinces of others, which illuminates my experience.
To get pointers to relevant resources and information.
I initially joined to help me understand my nephew and sister-in-law. Then I started tutoring young adults on the spectrum to help them get their GEDs and learned a lot from this website about how to teach them and help them. Now I just like being here, like the people, like the insight you provide, and enjoy the occasional humor.
To learn and to be part of a community that would hopefully be more tolerant of a trainwreck like myself. I had doubts and left for a while after joining some 9 or 10 years back, but now I frequent this place pretty often.

I know it's not a substitute for life, but AutismForums is well moderated and pretty tame compared to other places I've been so here I am.
To be able to interact with & get to know others and learn from others who share this diagnos (and other Neuro psychological diagnosis ) & also to try to help and support others in here & help me understand my own ASD etc.... I have learnt so much this time i have been in here and every day i learn something new and im forever greatful for the warm welkoming and understanding i have recived in here from day one.

Something i dident count on but got very surprised almost emiditely after my first post :)
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Mine is simple: I just wanted to talk to other people on the spectrum! :yum:[/QUOTE) mine was very exact I thought it was for people with Asperger's syndrome it was called aspiescentral at the time, I was disappointed as we have particular problems and I thought after 45 years at last, it wasn't!!!!!! just !!for aspies!!
I signed up after I heard the place had a great happy hour and put out free chips and pretzels.
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