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What was the main reason you joined to the forum?

After reading about traits and tics I started to see a lot of similarities. These were aspects of my personality I hid from everyone. Even those closest to me would only see a small portion of what I had hidden within. I guess it's why I always look forward to "me time" because it's the time I'm actually true to myself and I can be as weird and wonderful as I like without fear of judgement.

I accidently ran across it when I was searching for a subject and that subject was a topic on here and it came up in the search. After reading all the comments and stuff, I was excited that I wasn't alone in some of the things I experience or struggle with. I joined and, so far, have lived happily ever after. :)
Internet information on autism is inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes overly negative. I was having troubles feeling certain of a self diagnosis. Joined here to talk to people on the spectrum, and see if that would help to corroborate/not my own self diagnosis.
I saw a counselor for help dealing with anxiety. In our first session, he told me I was autistic.

That same day, I went looking online for information about autism and found this forum.

I'm so grateful that this forum is the first one I tried.
To learn stuff that might help me understand a friend who I suspect may be on the spectrum. Stayed because I found so many accepting non judgmental and friendly people who made me feel at home.
To learn more about my husband's diagnosis. Then eventually discovered that I am also autistic. So I stayed to answer and ask questions. Like the other members here, who are funny, intelligent and interesting. It's the other members that keep me coming back. Plus it's enjoyable to dialogue with people from around the world on a regular basis.
I was lonely and kept running into trouble in other places. I stayed because I like the people and the structure here.
The main reason? To interact with you all to help me determine if I'm really one of you.

- I am. :cool:

Much obliged. I found my tribe. ;)

"Lately it's occurred to me, what a long strange trip it's been." - Jerry Garcia
I came to find other parents and possible information for my son and found a lot of people like me. I'm rarely on anymore but most here are very accepting and informative. :D
I came to hear people's views ideas and experiences of autism, to understand myself better and to get strategies for how I am. I learn from others here, and from the past threads and resources.

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