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What was the main reason you joined to the forum?

I was an on and off user of Wrong Planet, but felt over the years reluctant to use it as moderation and maintenance deteriorated as there were spam posts everywhere, and I was once redirected to a page that downloaded malware on my system (it's gone now).
WP has also seen somewhat of a surge of 'Aspie supremacists' (autistic people who look down on neurotypical people).

I joined looking for another autism community. Though this forum is smaller, I get a nicer vibe off it.
I am looking for a community. Upon looking into ASD to try to understand and help my daughter through some severe sensory struggles which blew up in her life about 6 months ago, a friend encouraged me to have her tested for autism. While we have not gone for an official diagnosis yet, I have found that we both hit many of the markers.

I was feeling like garbage for letting my anger and frustration take over so often when she would have episodes. It was scary and overwhelming to watch my daughter become so overwrought that she lost the ability to speak. The fear in her eyes broke my heart and I knew I needed to find a community. I needed to find a place where others share their rl experiences. This place has been very welcoming and from the interactions I have seen this far appears to be frequented by understanding and supportive individuals.
I was getting sick of all how hostile and misogynist Wrong Planet had become. Although it was rarely, if ever, boring.
Mine is simple: I just wanted to talk to other people on the spectrum! :yum:
Same here. I live in a relatively small town, where the resources for people with ASD to get together are kinda slim, so I just come on here if I start feeling lonely, or just to see what's up with everyone.
I mostly became more active and wanted to write here because of my mental problems, I also find that a lot of adults use this forum so I think by me becoming its youngest supporter would really help people who don't know much about autism or just diagnosed, and would lift more of a burden on the demographics here.
To no longer be the only one. To discover others who think, feel, and behave in the same unique ways. To no longer feel isolated and alien.
This is all new to me and want to hear other’s experiences.

In April 2019 I stumbled across a news video of Greta Thunberg making a speech about climate change. In her speech, she mentioned that she was autistic. What?? I always thought that autism was a seriously disabling mental condition. She did not seem disabled. In fact, she said that her autism was her superpower. Really?? That prompted me to start researching autism. Then I learned that autism is a spectrum with a wide range of symptoms – not all are disabling; some are even empowering. I watched some YouTube videos and began to recognize a lot of my life experiences. So much of it was an exact fit with my life. The mysteries of my life started dissolving. I started seeing why I had so many difficulties, so much depression, why I was so afraid of people, why I was so self-conscious and overwhelmed with anxiety at any social event and why I had so much trouble in school and so many more mysteries answered. That’s when I realized that I am autistic! It may seem strange, but I am very happy - thrilled about that realization. The depressing mysteries of my life are now answered. Now I understand. There is a reason for all my difficulties - and successes. I no longer feel defective – just different. And, I’m no longer alone – there are others like me.

Then I found this forum and I am thrilled to be able to communicate with others like me – a place where I feel like I actually fit in. I guess it could be interpreted as “bragging”, but this is a really great group of people!

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