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What traits would you put you off dating someone


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For me it's dishonesty, in the past I looked past it and it came back to bite me. Lying and fraudulent behaviour.

Someone into conspiracy theories and knee deep in that culture. It shows a lack of discernment.

Someone showing their victim card the *moment* they meet you.

Someone that's stubborn and isn't able to change their mind. Extremely frustrating.

Someone that doesn't support you when disrespected. Shows they don't respect you. Yuck.

Someone who tells you TMI stuff about their ex.
Those all would be red flags for me as well. The only one I might find ok is the victim card depending on what it is. I think that might be something you can work with.

Oh, and leprosy. Only online relationship with that. ;)
Another one for me was when I heard two people agree that overlapping relationships is 'normal' when switching partners

I don't agree but that might be a black and white autistic thing. I know it happens but that's not me.
For me, it’s being judgemental

Not being honest, some of it it’s due to anxiety. No one can be 100% honest, especially on a first date

I got no problem with many aspects of life. I also don’t like materialistic people
If a guy shows up to a date with me dressed like a Juggalo, I’m leaving him there.
1. Narcissistic traits (You may have issues, problems, and concerns, but I'm a master in how to flip it into how it affects me. You are not allowed to have more attention than me)
2. Pathological lying
3. Sociopathic traits (I've learned how to manipulate people. There may be consequences for my actions, but not today)
4. Psychopathic traits (Not a thought in my head how my actions affect others. All impulse. I do things in the moment without thought. Don't care. Catch me if you can.)
5. Affirmation and validation seekers, the perpetual victims. People who don't want to DO SOMETHING to change their situation, even when presented with how to do it, but would rather be passive and wallow in it while seeking attention from others. The weak and whiney, the pathetic "I can't", "It's too hard", "It's not fair", "don't you feel sorry for me" kind of people. Weakness of mental character.
6. People who don't have a purpose in life. The blank-minded. The living in the moment, floating on a life raft out in the ocean kind of people. No goals. Don't push themselves towards anything. Have loads of elaborate excuses and will deflect from the idea that they don't have the mental character to take on responsibilities.
7. People who don't take care of themselves physically, mentally, or their appearance. The mental and physical slobs.
8. People who are generally unaware of what's going on around them. The blissfully ignorant and unaware. The people who are "taken by surprise" because they are in their own little, isolated bubble.

**No apologies if any of this hits a little too close to home. If you want friends and a life-partner, there might be some things you have to be aware of that repulse other people. Take it as a spoonful of wisdom.;)
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Constant comparing yourself to other people will kill any chemistry for me. When instead of being kind to others and accepting that there is no one right way to be, being empathetic, understanding, someone will constantly judge and spill negative vibes.

Lack of self-reflection, doing stupid things, not knowing when to take a step back and be there for other people, not distinguishing different situations

When you can't rely on this person, they break their promises and lie

Narcissism, self-centrered interpretations
If I were back on the dating scene, I definitely would avoid people that have a huge fondness for reality TV too. I don't watch TV basically at all anymore as it feels like it's descended into wall to wall reality TV, human misery dramas, pain and paranoia. Is it too much to ask for regular documentaries and some dramas that aren't focused on the worst of humanity?!

Apart from that, I would give a seriously wide berth to people who are racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or xenophobic.
I sabotage my relationships, especially if l really like the person. If the person is still sticking around, l think maybe they really like me. Don't ask about this dating schematic, l have zero answers.
Conspiracy Theories.
MAGA Membership.
Piercings (earrings okay).
Prison Record.
Schizophrenic Behavior.
I sabotage my relationships, especially if l really like the person. If the person is still sticking around, l think maybe they really like me. Don't ask about this dating schematic, l have zero answers.

Sounds like it's primarily related to low self-esteem.

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