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What Not to Say to "I Love You"


Someone just told you for the first time that they love you. :rose:

Write a one line, really uncomfortable, funny, or completely inappropriate response.
Prove it! Right now!

Why do you always have to Lie to me Like THAT!!?!

Sure. What's not to love. I'm so great.

Totally rad! That's like, Bodacious babe.

Are you taking your medication today?

Hey yo, look honey, any chick thats digs me that bad, I don't deal with, capiche.

Yeah, I like you too. But..uh I like your little sister better. She's way more firmer. If you know what I mean.
Remember the first time I told you I love you?
It was raining hard and you never heard
You sneezed and I had to say it over
I said, "I love you I said", but you didn't say a word

Remember the last time I told you I love you?
It was warm and safe in our perfect world
You yawned and I had to say it over
I said, "I love you I said", but you didn't say a word

You just held your hands to your shining eyes
And I watched as the tears ran through your fingers

~The Cure "There Is No If .. "
Well...I love pizza. What kind of pizza do you like? do like sausage?

Have you been drinking again ? come on... let me smell your breath. Why are you struggling. What do you mean I'm bruising your arm!?

...... shhhh. it's my special time. I want to be alone right now. I'm reading my special magazines.

yawn... Love me? well maybe you love this fist sandwich too. Here let me serve one up for you. free of charge.

Wow that's so touching, I;m about to cry, but boys don;t cry. and... This is pepper spray. You have 10 seconds to get out of my house. I'm calling the cops.

See, this is exactly what im talking about!? your pathological lying, your bold face lying.. This is exactly why we cant go places, and I cant be seen with you, is exactly why I have to hide you in the trunk of the car everytime we go out.

Are you a god? no? then.....diiiie ~Gozer, Ghostbusters.

I love you too...but uh...3 input, 2input or 1input....I need know know this? for scientifical reasons.

That's it...I'm outta ideas. lol.

But of course, the ultimate wrong thing to say is " I Love you too."
But...Do you love me like Ash loves Pikachu? That's real love. Or is it omore like Misty loves Ash, or is it Love like How team Rockets loves evil? Baby...baby...where are you going....? come watch cartoons with me! What do you mean you need somebody who is a grown up adult, and not a manchild with a fixation on 2d drawings??
^So rude. You just can't appreciate the depth of sensitivity and feeling ash and pikachu have.

On the topic: romantic love is a trap to expand capitalism
But do you love me...as much as....goku loves......uh.... blowing stuff up?

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm completely out of my element with Anime...I couldn't identify Goku in a lineup.
Confused Daily Show GIF by CTV Comedy Channel

On the topic: romantic love is a trap to expand capitalism
I thought it was chemical imbalance?

Think Simon Rex GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt Nasty

But your explanation...works too.

Back on topic: "Hey, we don't use that word around here. Okay...sheesh. The L word...Lay off it will ya!"

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