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sometimes I get worried and scared


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hi. I was just thinking about getting older and growing up. and I am nervous about many things. first meting new people going out without my family someday. and about one day my grandmother and aunt and uncle being not there or unable to take care of me anymore.

i wish i had some one else from my family that i was close to.. that could help take care of me

at this time i will not discuss my parents

but just imagine the were never there..

I know i am not stupid but i do know there is a chance ill never be fully independent and will have to rely on someone a least sometime .

I am trying to get in to a day hab program possibly though the arc or go to that special needs college program or both if possible .
if i do go to that program what will i do next.

i feel scared to leave my family even to go into the care of someone else. or doing anything alone, im too afraid of getting hurt again in any way, from being mean to simple bullying to full out abuse because ive been though it all and worse.
i just wouldn't be able to take it .
It's all the unknown Jen, your right about worrying what will happen in the future. But that doesn't mean it will be all terrible. It could have good outcomes for you, and you could be even more independent and confident. It's hard to think about those things, but I think you're brave enough to go ahead it with it all. Even if it isn't easy.
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I was told once that if I wasn't able to make a decision about something, it would eventually be made for me anyway.
I understand you feeling scared about the future, but all things will find a way of working out. You are one of those sweet persons that tends to brighten this world, so I hope the world takes good care of you.
It's true. That eventually time can catch up with us all and in some very unpleasant ways. That said, I'm glad I didn't dwell on such things long before they eventually occurred. Neither should you, if possible.

It can be pretty rough to be old and alone. Those are the sort of things best not to dwell upon before they happen. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to just take one day at a time. - For a very long time.
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I try to focus on now more than the future, since it is out of my control, but I understand your worries.
I also worry about the future, about whether or not I will have people to support me that I can trust and feel safe with.

All I can say is I hope there are always good people around to look out for you / take care of you
I had the same worries so I lived at home all my life.
Guess I should be grateful I had over 50 + years of a comfortable lifestyle.
Doesn't mean I stayed home and isolated in my room.
I went to University and business school plus a couple of extra interest studies.
I worked and made money which contributed to the household income.
It was a good life.
As @Judge says, it can be rough to be old and alone.
But, I lived for the moment and it was a long time before I had to face being alone.
The change hasn't been easy after a life of never being alone.

So much can change along the way through life.
You've got a lot of time for change. It doesn't hurt to make plans though.
I have similar fears and often don't sleep well at night or have anxiety attacks because of it.
Wait, isn't Jen the really adorable girl with the unicorn t shirt? I seriously doubt she will ever have a shortage of people who want to protect her. :oops:
Obviously vulnerability does attract the fakes, abusers etc too. But if you have people around you who can help you to spot abusers and avoid/reject them and to stay safe then I don't think there will be any problem. :)

Good transitions/ continuity is the key to changing circumstances in life. Because yes it is rough being alone and unsupported when you're young or old, and having to survive somehow, somewhere, when there's no one tell you about the options that exist that NTs all seem to "just know".
Even if you have enough information and opportunities, going from one set of circumstances straight to another whole new way of life is really rough. You need continuity.
But I don't think Jen will have any trouble there. :)
Jen all we can do is try to take this life ONE day at a time and make the best we can out of every day with what we got to work with.

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