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Some tips on dealing with being overwhelmed.


Scatterbrained Creative
Everyone is different of course, so these tips may not work for you. However, here are some things that have helped me previously after becoming overwhelmed by my senses and/or emotionally:

-Sitting or lying down in a dark room afterwards (usually with calming or happy music playing, or I just let my thoughts run rampant through my mind in the silence).

-Looking around a room whilst alone, listing various items I can see in my head.

-Doodling/drawing or twirling string around my fingers.

-Watching TV alone or looking up a subject of interest.

-Taking a peaceful walk.

-Playing Sims or a different game.


-Reading a book.

I find that taking time alone to recharge is vital. Otherwise I get irritable and end up saying or doing things I regret. I'm fortunate to have understanding friends, ones that know me so well they recognise when I'm overwhelmed and know how to comfort me during this time.

Quite recently I got overwhelmed and left the kitchen in my student flat unexpectedly (much to the confusion of a few people there) and one of my friends knocked on my door to see how I was doing.

They knew I had gone to cry (as I often do after getting overwhelmed, due to exhaustion) and they brought me my food from the kitchen.

My friend then put on one of my favourite songs, whilst I ate my tea. They talked to me for a bit before making sure that I was comfortable and then he let me have some time alone. He explained to the other flatmates how I tend to get overwhelmed easily and how I sometimes say things or act a certain way when going through this. Surprisingly, people were understanding and one even suggested using a code word for when this happens to alert the others.
Thanks. I've been battling this over the past while. It's good as well to talk to people and maybe cut down on what you're doing as well. Relaxation is good at times too.
If I'm overwhelmed with a problem that I can't get off my mind and it's really upsetting, the only thing I can do is the daydreaming, because that's the only way to get other thoughts out of my head.
Music helps a lot (but only music I like) or quiet - depending on the cause of feeling overwhelmed.
When I am overwhelmed, I come on here. It helps in ways other strategies don't. I am here a lot.
Allright, I'll list a few.

Since I'm into gaming, the one thing that honestly helps me the most is that. But not just any game: it must be something intense and challenging, something that *requires* me to direct enough of my focus at it. If I'm only partially engaged by something, then chances are I'm still also focused on the sensory issues or whatever it is.

Pacing. Lots of pacing. Fast, enough to be like proper exercise. Can make me achy, but that's fine. Getting up and moving around can be a good thing. Or going for a proper walk but I dont do that much, this area is so boring.

Driving. But NOT during the winter. Typically this involves having the windows open so the wind can flow, and going down roads in the middle of bloody nowhere. In winter this does not work.

I have a standing fan in my room specifically to help with this sort of thing too. Put it on high blast and just have it point at me while I'm sitting here. The sensations it produces can overwhelm whatever negative sensory crap I was having, replacing it with pleasant, predictable wind.

Fidgeting with some random object. Usually while watching something funny on Youtube. Anything that can get me to laugh definitely helps alot.

Drinking water. You'd be surprised at how much effect water... or the lack of it... has on you. The more dehydrated I am, the more prone I am to screwball sensory issues and stuff like that.

I was going through this crap yesterday actually... the weather around here changed abruptly (again) and I turned the heater on for the first time since last winter. I hadnt exactly thought it through very well, and it ended up giving me alot of temperature-related issues. On top of that, I was having one of my blasted headaches again (due to a neck problem that flares up sometimes). It was pretty nasty. I eventually forced myself to drink some water and fire up a game that required real focus. Also I took my pain pills. I dont like doing that, but... that is what they are there for after all.

It took a few hours for the whole thing to die down, but it did eventually fade.
I beg my Creator, Jehovah to help me calm down.

Last night, had thoughts churning in my head that causes me to feel stressed beyond belief and I cried out to Jehovah and immediately felt calmer for it; but not only calmer, I felt the thoughts deminish and able to sleep.

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