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  1. Aleya

    Tips on How To Handle Small Changes

    I need some tips on how to calm myself down. My brothers love to cancel and reschedule plans and I feel like exploding. Can you please share some tips on what you do in these situations to calm down? Thank you in advance :)
  2. LuxLuca

    Advice that could help others.

    Hello there! Last week my therapist gave some suprisingly simple but effective task that I thought I'd share. For context, I have a huge issue with saying "no" to people that need my help. I'm studying psychology and have worked in the field as a mental healthcare professional for some time...
  3. Joshua the Writer

    Online Discourse Tip

    I think it's not worth interacting with obviously ignorant bigots after some time. If you notice that you are not making any progress with an ignorant person, and they continue to be hateful, it is best to block them and move on. Perhaps even report them. It's best for your mental health that...
  4. Daydreamer

    Some tips on dealing with being overwhelmed.

    Everyone is different of course, so these tips may not work for you. However, here are some things that have helped me previously after becoming overwhelmed by my senses and/or emotionally: -Sitting or lying down in a dark room afterwards (usually with calming or happy music playing, or I just...
  5. JellyBean

    Tips on writing aspie characters?

    I'm diagnosed with asperger myself but I'm still unsure how to write my characters. Right now I'm writing about a girl with aspergers beginning on a School for witches, and befriending other students diagnosed with ADHD, borderline, dyslexia, depression and anxiety. Do any of you have any tips?
  6. Sabrina


    Hi, is anyone here a minimalist or is interested in minimalism? I started this lifestyle path formally four years ago, but I've always been interested in finding new ways to simplify my life. Having less visual distractions at home, and reducing the amount of decisions that I have to make...
  7. gonzerd

    Everyday and Not So Everyday Tips & Tricks

    Growing up I was often amazed at the things my peers would know. Sometimes I felt like they went to a different school after school or something. By now I know it was just a matter of word of mouth information spreading, and I was the socially isolated one. Still am, it's an autism thing, or...
  8. A

    New here

    Hello! My name is Amber , as far as I know I am a NT but my girlfriend was diagnosed with aspergers just last year. I am here to get advice on how I can be a better partner to her. I lack in communication skills and that has been hurting our relationship severely, I love her very much and want...
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