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over stimulation

  1. Jamila

    Wrapped up in the middle of a staring crowd

    When I feel overstimulated, I feel like a bat trying to enjoy something but then, I feel that my feelings are just getting worse and worse until I just bundle into my wings and start to cry but keep my crying private. People are near me, they are looking at me, people are staring into a part...
  2. ChibiChick

    Need Help Understanding

    I'm relatively new to the autism world and autism in general, so I need some help here. What's the difference between meltdowns, sensory overload and panic attacks? Because, today, like most days, I experienced what I thought was a panic attack but lately I've been thinking it might be sensory...
  3. Daydreamer

    Code words

    I don't know why, but lately I've been thinking about something that happened three or so months ago. My tutors arranged this University trip which was at this escape the room challenge. Unfortunately, there was a rather overwhelming buffet section of the trip and I lost my cool a bit. I began...
  4. A

    Screaming student needs help

    Hello, I am a teacher who is looking to help a student and his parents. This student has autism and has very little verbal expression. His most frequent stim tends to be verbal scripting. It is clear he is quoting something, but he is difficult to understand. He also enjoys deep pressure and...
  5. Daydreamer

    Some tips on dealing with being overwhelmed.

    Everyone is different of course, so these tips may not work for you. However, here are some things that have helped me previously after becoming overwhelmed by my senses and/or emotionally: -Sitting or lying down in a dark room afterwards (usually with calming or happy music playing, or I just...
  6. Daydreamer

    How good are your senses?

    I am fairly hypersensitive, with hearing being the most sensitive and touch/pain is the least. My sense of smell is also fairly overactive, and there are certain foods that I cannot be around because of this. I have subtle ways of coping with my sensitivity such as adding water to fizzy...
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