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Small Things That Cheer You Up?


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Have fun! Wrap up warm! :smileycat:

Just back from a -23 Celcius walk, a brief walk... More cold weather to come here, day time highs of about -26 until Saturday, even rather cold to play outside :cool:... But it was very peaceful :)

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I dyed my hair for the first time in maybe 4 years. It cheered me up a bit. My hair looks a little nicer now (though not photogenic lol) It's nicer than the mousey grey rats nest it has been for quite some time. It feels like it's knock years off me lol!

It's a fairly dark shade of brown, and just above shoulder level. I hadn't had enough confidence (or vanity I suppose) for quite a long time. It's sometimes the little things that can make a big difference! :)

Also thanks @Rodafina for making me feel included today! :)

So I thought I would start this thread and ask what little things can cheer you up? :)
I am sure it looks very nice. You probably look beautiful.
Things that cheer me up are:
A warm hug
Cupcake or little cake
Bubble bath
Fresh towels that are fluffy
Having my hair done, cut and styled
Someone making me a meal
Someone writing me a nice note or giving me a card and occasionally a present
Books and a warm drink esp
Rain and thunderstorms
The sunshine
Patting an animal
Putting on shoes especially boots or gumboots
Washing my face
Getting a compliment
Gifts with bows
A warm blanket
Reading the sun
Seeing butterflies and birds
God used to give me comfort
Lighting candles
Driving in the car
Someone brushing my hair
Colouring books


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"One kind word can warm three winter months."
- Chinese Aphorism
I am most often cheered up by remembering times I've gotten a laugh.
I like The Carpetbagger on YouTube, anyone who’s never heard of him, I highly recommend. He makes fun travel videos. It’s one of the very few YouTube channels I actually keep returning to. I love it because he usually goes to more interesting and obscure places in the US I’ve never heard of before


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V.I.P Member
Something that tastes really good that doesn't cost a fortune.

Whereupon I thank God for the simple things in life that can occasionally mean a great deal.


Well-Known Member
You guys always make me smile, thank you so much. I was blue when I walked in, having learned another friend passed away. Now you all have me feeling more hopeful.


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V.I.P Member
I'm sitting in my living room listening to an old jazz record of a song called "I Want to Be Happy" by a dance orchestra out of LA County from back in the '20s. It's fun and I like everything about the general idea of it. And I'm sitting in my second favorite chair, with a shirt on that doesn't itch, and my blue-light glasses. I get so tired at work I about can't stand up straight, but now I have a big stack of records, some of my favorite hand-crank phonographs out of my collection, & a tall stack of textbooks to read. Will be making some very strong, very smooth black coffee in a little bit. It's a happy evening.


Serenity waves, beachy vibes
V.I.P Member
When l find my favorite music artists put out new songs. Trying new recipes. Lately, being debit free gives me instant happiness.


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V.I.P Member
The morning after a good night of sleep
Colorful leaves and wind this time of year
A large pizza that I treat myself with every blue moon
Walks at night looking at the stars and feeling the calm around
Birds chirping with me trying to figure out the kind there
A clean and tidy house after spending much of the day doing that
Counting the savings at the end of each month, no matter how small
Our children's smiles and laughter
Bunny rabbits and deer on our property
The smell of bakery foods in those store sections
A small reminder to myself daily when things are going well
Each new word that our youngest speaks

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