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New Member

My names R.J. and I was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified(also called Atypical Autism) at 18 months old. I have some significant symptoms of Autism(I.E. extreme stiming, special interests, and anger/frustration issues) but other symptoms I don't(e.g. Sensory Processing Disorder, difficulty reading social cues, dyspraxia). I do have Social Anxiety Disorder bad and I wonder if it's related to my Autism. I also have OCD, Have an intellectual disability(I've outgrown it), and depression.
Don't know how anxiety is connected to autism, but it seems to be one of the most, if not the most common co-morbids.
I guess we get anxious when we can't seem to interpret the world and interactions effectively, especially in relating. People notice, and it's hard to mask, though we may improve our masking over time. And many don't work out what the problem is ie autism for most of their lives...
Hi and welcome, I hope that you enjoy it here, people are friendly.

Anxiety and depression do seem to be the most common co-morbids.
I've had both in varying intensity since age 13.
Hang around for a while and get to know some of the people and there are plenty of threads and topics
to read. :)
Hi R.J.

welcome to af.png
I wouldn't say epilepsy is a common comorbid overall. However seizures in small children with autism can be more common. Most outgrow it by around age 7.
I had a bunch of diagnoses, too. I am glad they were updated, but they have altered my goals and ways of thinking about myself. I might share those later. But welcome.

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