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autism spectrum disorder

  1. N

    Highly functioning autism or just a strange behavior in my 10 year old?...

    I know I need to go to the doctor and ask, but since many wonderful people here might just give me some life feedback on this forum, I would highly appreciate it! My dahugher, who is now 10 has some slightly unusual behavior, and I wonder if it's simply her personality, or I should get her...
  2. fern_77


    hi. my name is Fern and my pronouns are they/them. i'm seventeen. i'm a nonbinary trans person and a greyromantic ambiamorous lesbian (if you are unsure what any of those terms mean, feel free to ask me and i'll explain them ^w^). i was diagnosed with adhd when i was eight and the therapists...


    My name is Michael Tanzer and I published because I thought it was important to share my story, my voice. I am an adult who has Autism. Many people with autism have a voice, but are not always “heard”. It seems as though others often speak about or of them. “MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with...
  4. A


    Hey, My names R.J. and I was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified(also called Atypical Autism) at 18 months old. I have some significant symptoms of Autism(I.E. extreme stiming, special interests, and anger/frustration issues) but other symptoms I don't(e.g...
  5. S

    Eye Movement.

    Hi, I'm undergoing the autism diagnoses but I'm 99% sure I'm an aspie after nearly 5 years of research and I just wanted to ask. I have this issue with looking at everything, when I'm outside or even in an environment I dont know I seem to flicker. When I say that I mean my eyes do this...
  6. SomeRandomAspie

    Autism Spectrum Syndrome?

    I'm not saying Autism is or isn't a disorder (I don't have much of an opinion about it because I don't mind the word disorder), but some suggest that it isn't a disorder. I realized at 2 am (the best time for pondering) that if it's not a disorder it would be a syndrome. The only issue is that...
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