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My Obsession(s)

Currently obsessed with the origins, evolution and ancient history of our species.

I have a ton of obsessions that I rotate through:
  1. Ichthyology (aquariums, tropical fish, aquatic plants)
  2. Numismatics (coin collecting)
  3. Playing the guitar and composing music (classical and electric)
  4. Indoor plants and outdoor gardening
  5. Studying the Bible
  6. Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics
  7. Pipe and cigar, collecting and smoking
  8. Brewing sodas
  9. Fishing
  10. Coffee (importing, roasting, brewing)
Hiya yeah my name is faith my main obcession is mental health or physical health surprisingly also my obcessions can change I find something I am interested in I Plough into it and eventually end up annoying everyone around me or exhausting myself and then generally give up and move onto the next obcession anybody else find this
ME TOO- I have a couple main obsessions but I also often find new ones that I get really excited about, annoy everyone with, and then eventually move onto something else.
If you couldn't tell by my profile, I have this random interest in snails. It started when I was like 2 or something, so it's definitely been a constant obsession. At first I liked them because they are cute and squishy looking, but now I find them fascinating from a more biological/anatomical perspective. Here are some random things you probably didn't know about snails:

- They have super good associative memories
- They have thousands of teeth that grow in rows- when one row wears down, a new one can grow at the bottom, and all the rows shift upwards to replace the original one.
- Almost all snail shells curl to the right- lefty snails are rare
- Snail slime can be used to treat stomach ulcers, and is becoming a popular cosmetic product

Here are some of my other consistent obsessions:
- climbing (love to rock climb/learn climbing technique)
- animals in general
- a bunch of stuff I cycle through (often a new fav. animal, or hobby such as origami)

if any of you are at all interested in snails/ random other animals I'd be happy to chat!
My biggest and long term obsession for about 30 years is Criminology, psychopathy, serial killers, true crime. Playing my piano, listening to music and recently reaserching autism, famous people with it, pod casts, books, forums and learning about how to understand my autisic ways and how to cope better.
I’m obsessed with personality typing (MBTI). I know it’s not scientific (doesn’t replicate in experiments), but I don’t care. I use it to classify people I meet so I know how to respond to them so I can survive.

Before I learned about the personality types, I automatically assumed that everybody that was not like me was inferior, and that everybody that was like me was superior.

People said things like “everybody is different and that is good”, but I thought this was another piece of neurotypical BS.

But after learning about the types, and how each type provides something of value to humanity, I came to appreciate more kinds of people and learned better ways to communicate with them, even if I personally didn’t like them.
Currently interested in interviews with homeless people....
I was homeless for over a decade. Feel free to ask any questions you like, I'm not at all sensitive about it, and I still managed to enjoy life. As you get older it's not so easy to get up off of the ground in mornings though, having a real bed is nice.
I was homeless for over a decade. Feel free to ask any questions you like, I'm not at all sensitive about it, and I still managed to enjoy life. As you get older it's not so easy to get up off of the ground in mornings though, having a real bed is nice.
Thank you, that's very nice of you. It's a fascinating subject. Something a lot of us think we understand, while knowing very little.
The majority of the people I met living on the streets were there for the same reasons I was, mental problems that translated in to social problems. I met a lot of strange but wonderful people.
Currently interested in interviews with homeless people and victims of human trafficking.
I'm interested in interviews with all kinds of people, especially vulnerable people, or those who have gone through very difficult experiences, including the groups you mention. Some of the stuff I read is in Icelandic (including a great in depth interview with a female addict who was homeless for several years), but many good ones can be found it in the personal experiences section of cracked.com (which they have sadly stopped updating). My main issue with them is they don't go as in depth as some larger journals, and the format is not a straight interview but more of an article, though I still find them quite informative (they will often interview multiple people). Here are just a few examples:

Life as a prostitute
Being a homeless woman in the US
Managing an illegal brothel (as a "madam")
Working at a homeless shelter on Christmas
Realities of sex slavery in the USA from survivors
Living in a tent city set up by homeless people
The other side: Cops pretending to be prostitues or "clients"

As well as several more articles detailing legal prostitution, sexual assault and poverty. I got into a phase myself a few years ago of delving into stories of "troubled teen camp" survivors which were truly horrifying. I couldn't read more than a few as most of those stories were so severely messed up they made me feel terrible. I hope your current interest is manageable to you.
Pipe and cigar, collecting and smoking

Not many people smoke a pipe these days. I've got a handful of pipes and a collection of tobacco. A pipe is one of my go to methods of coping when I get a bit overwhelmed.
Lately, flipping through my copy of this:

Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile: Priore, Domenic, Ebenkamp, Becky:  9780867194173: Amazon.com: Books

It's a scrapbook of articles from 1966-67, on The Beach Boys: specifically their unfinished album Smile. Many hours, and many years, I've gone over the articles and recording dates, etc. Bootlegs of take after take after take. Still fun.
I am obsessed with creating art, going to museums, reading about artists. Nothing else really interests me other than art and travel. I like talking about travel with others but only if they are independent travelers.
My current big obsessions include Autism research
Holy crap! I was only trying to be thorough in reading this thread before I responded. My new found obsession is Autism research too. Specifically my brand…. Asperger’s. It’s been my obsession for a couple of months.

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