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I need a therapist.


My life has gone down very deep recently. march of 2017 has been the most emotionally intense month of my entire life (I think). I live in Canada so finding a covered therapist for me is the hardest thing ever. I've been on a waiting list for almost 2 years. I can't keep up being this depressed and emotional. I need help.

I just need help.
hi thegamerchunk1, i understand, it is a very stressful and dark time for you but i would just like to say you sound like a strong person you have made it this far so you can wait that bit longer to get satisfaction of knowing you are formally on the spectrum

at the moment,you know yourself and you know your on the spectrum,right?
just keep that in mind for now,you will get that assessment.
we accept you for who you are so if you need some support anytime just ask us,we might not be councillors but we are just like you we have often gone through the same crap and feel the same crap way.

i have a similar issue to you,i have been waiting years to get diagnosed with gender dysphoria,i identify as female to male transgender and have been outwardly presenting that way since a toddler without realising it but the waiting list for a gender identity clinic is LONG-over 3 years in some clinics and i am waiting to get seen in the london clinic which is hundreds of miles from me.

i cant stress enough how helpful going to an LGBT support group [for people with intellectual disability] has been for me, have you thought of going to an ASD support group? this will give you some strength in coping while you wait for your assessment.
I know what that feels like. I live in the USA and have no mental health insurance which means I do not not even have a wait list to be on. I lived in another part of the US where I could access care, but it was like 3 sessions. Then I lived in a place where I had access, but I don't live in that area.

Even with insurace, co pays can be up to $50. A session! Hmmmm......food or therapy. Also, it is very hard to find a Dr that takes your particular insurance as we have a crap load in the US and then monoppolies come into play when something like Blue Cross takes over and then no one will take your inaurance if it's not Blue Cross.

Oh the joys of a capitalistic health market. Meanwhile people die, but oh well.

Trump wants to make mental health optinal anyway, so I better get used to being wtihout mental heath care. It was a luxury for Americans for a long time.
I see a therapist on a sliding scale at a community health clinic, is anything like that available in Canada? I have no idea how it works there. Free support groups are another option you might try. Sometimes just talking to other people experiencing the same problems is very helpful.
I'm really sorry that you are going through a tough time. Do you have a GP/primary care doctor that you can speak to that might be able to point you towards other support groups or a therapist that you can perhaps pay for at a discounted price.

I went through a similar situation where I was on the waiting list for NHS therapy for seven months and was also put on the wrong list and then my file was lost. I decided to go private and found a therapist that I trusted and he provided better care at a fairly good rate. He also offered more sessions than the NHS and was much less focused on goals and more on me. So if that is an option then maybe look into that but if that isn' an option then try asking your doctor for some extra help. Are you on mediation for your depression at all?

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