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  1. Amy Stone

    Therapists in my area aren't qualified!

    Maybe it is different elsewhere, but most therapists in my area have degrees in theology or some other religious certification. Literally 99 out of 100. My son was seeing one of these "therapists" (because there is hardly anyone else) and she literally did "nothing". Didn't ask him questions...
  2. sisselcakes

    Therapy for People on the Spectrum

    Hi All. I’m writing to request feedback on your experiences with therapy. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and worked in direct care for over ten years with a diverse group of clients. I am considering returning to direct care part time with a focus on working with adults with ASD...
  3. catdog55616

    Confused and Kind of Upset?

    I don't believe my current therapist is working out for me. I'm supposed to trust him, but I don't. I haven't trusted the previous one either. My only question is, how long will it take, and what will it take for me to trust them? Trust seems to be an issue with me, even with ordinary stuff like...
  4. catdog55616

    Been a While

    So the show on Saturday was great. My mom got us both seats in the balcony, to the back, so it wasn't too loud! Also, I found out my therapist is going on vacation. I told him about the whole "weird leg" thing, but we didn't really explore it. Would it be worthwhile to talk about what I think is...
  5. catdog55616

    Lost my train of thought...

    I had a good idea of what I wanted to write here, keyword "had". I suppose I'm dreading going back to school next week. That first day back is always horrifying, being bombarded with noise and smells and lights and people all at once. But at least I'll have a kind of structure in my life again...
  6. Ginseng

    The therapist from hell.

    I am going to share something very personal. I hope that y'all will be kind. I went to a therapist after not having seen one since college. I have seen two in my life, but I was unable to open up to either of them due to my past history of abuse. I was hoping that after all these years maybe I...
  7. thegamerchunk1

    I need a therapist.

    My life has gone down very deep recently. march of 2017 has been the most emotionally intense month of my entire life (I think). I live in Canada so finding a covered therapist for me is the hardest thing ever. I've been on a waiting list for almost 2 years. I can't keep up being this depressed...
  8. Jorg

    Going to therapist even If I had already a solution?

    Well, yesterday I had a meltdown, I was just too angry and anxious because I get frustrated trying to be social, a friend left me and that justs added more anxiety. Well after several months with the idea I just concluded that if trying to fit in society and being social just f**cks me up I have...
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