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  1. whisperingshadow

    Not so good at talking about myself especially online

    I have this problem with traumatic events in my past that have made it so hard to make friends or communicate online, as I fear leaving too much detail about myself could lead me to be identified and stalked, I don't have social media, I don't use apps, I put a pretty ridiculous amount of effort...
  2. NT_tavbabe

    Friendship help

    hi everyone I’m basically here to see if I can get a bit of help understanding a person I’m currently trying to befriend who has Aspergers. It’s a mess of a story and long (maybe you’ll get a laugh outta it, I know I do a bit) This new guy at my job had peaked my interest being attractive and...
  3. Mary Anne

    Where can a 61 year old Woman get diagnosed in the USA?

    Hi, I have always had sensory processing disorder, but have never been diagnosed. It’s causing me to lose my job, which I desparetely need. Plus, I just want to finally be officially diagnosed. How can an older person get diagnosed and how much does it cost? Thank you.
  4. Alfonzo

    Please tell me what you think..Thanks so much.

    I'm 35 and i've never been diagnosed because I just thought i was a little odd with my ways. I wasn't terribly non social. I had a tight circle of friends, however i always preferred to be alone or very small groups. Smells, especially not pleasant ones always were too much. If i was trying to...
  5. thegamerchunk1

    I need a therapist.

    My life has gone down very deep recently. march of 2017 has been the most emotionally intense month of my entire life (I think). I live in Canada so finding a covered therapist for me is the hardest thing ever. I've been on a waiting list for almost 2 years. I can't keep up being this depressed...
  6. newgirl


    Did any of you guys have a sibling in which your parents favoured? If so, how did you handle it?
  7. Mr Allen

    Help! Sky TV Remote is broken! Sky support are no help!

    Topic. Foreign call centres my arse! Speak English FFS! Worse than flippin' useless! Anyway, possibly racist ranting aside, can anyone offer preferably UK based help? I have changed the Batteries in the Remote several times, I have tried to reboot the Sky Box to see if that solves the problem...
  8. LoveDream

    HELP! NT needs to learn Aspie Language!

    Hi, I am a NT Female in love with an Aspie Male (referred to as Mr. LoveDream). We've been together for 8 years. I need help understanding and relating to him. I need to speak his language. I say this because he cannot speak my language. He has tried his whole life living in the NT world and...
  9. nyxjord

    Guidelines or rules for ASD group at college

    As I've stated before, I started an ASD group for students at my college this past summer. Right now I am working on guidelines or rules for the group members to follow. I haven't been able to come up with much and am hoping to get some input for what you think would be some good guidelines for...
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