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Like I mentioned recently in a video I finally got approved services office people with developmental disabilities

we are currently trying to find a community hab worker and respite And it’s not going to well
We cannot find anyone with the car at the moment And at the time we did the person came one day with her bossThen didn’t come without calling When we were supposed to meet next
Then later on the boss call me saying that she apparently had a family emergency that would last her a week this was On the next day we were supposed to meet So they would try to find me somebody else

this is making me fearful to have somebody as a worker for me i’m afraid that something might happen like in the hospital I’m not saying exactly that maybe on a lesser scale Or even just misunderstandings miscommunications that may come up or something around that Like for example that girl being unreliable Not that it was a miscommunication you know what I mean

I am supposed to be going into a program called day hab soon and I’m pretty interested to find out what it’s all about once the places re-open

Also because I’ve been working on Goals or having respitewith a one to one I don’t know if I can go to my old program much anymore Because they said unfortunately that would be double dipping to Medicaid

When this community habilitation happens And Respite it’s going to be I believe five hours for four days A week and then going to the day program is there an amount of days a week
I would barely be seeing my grandmother my uncle or my aunt If she continues to feel better anyway

I don’t know what to do because I miss them and I’ll be alone with strangers and having top of that I’m going to miss my program at least somewhat I mean my Northeast program

sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth getting someone

that’s all I really have to say for now if I think of anything else with an update I will let you knowOr just edit this

On the positive side of things my doctor filled out my Special Olympics form and my uncle Gave it to my north east

One of the counselors there Says I can take my one to one there if I go to the swimming program

maybe I could find something else I could do with a one to one at my program but I don’t know yet
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Hi, don't lose heart, things take time and life doesn't always move at a pace we need. My main frustration i've had supporting people is that some are unreliable, self serving and use their 'power' and the person's vunerabilty' to exploit, ignore and take advantage, i won't worry you with concert examples but please believe me not all my colleagues including myself have been like this, i have always seen the person i'm with as my boss and tried to accommodate (if reasonable) their wants and wishes.
I feel the 'care sector' at the support end has always been a undervalued low paid profession and as such has a fair proportion of individuals that care less than they should and haven't the necessary skills and attitudes, great news about the 'special Olympics' possibility, in the UK people have their own funding so they can interview the people who will support them, a far better way that being given some-one and having no say.
Unfortunately you need to try to find a way to accept that that this do happen Jen we all have or own lifes to deal with incl those assigned to help you. But thats not meaning you should refrain from accepting this help tho .And im shore they will find a a good one soon enough to be able to help you so dont give up just yet.

Reg the day hab (my mother (she has Alzheimer remember ? ) started day hab reluctantly and soon enough she LOVED it . Im shore you will find it a great place were you can meet others and have something to do during the day Jen. OF COURSE you will still have time to be with youre grandmother and uncle and aunt Jen. But you also need to try to built up a life for youre self for the sad day when they are forced to leave this earth (natural way ) so this is good for you my friend . changes are hard sometimes but also good in many times.

Im shore you would do great in the special Olympics Jen . :)
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You are bound to be cautious about this, it's good to not be too accepting of things, and to have questions and uncertainties. The helper you have will be there to support you, but they don't know all the answers and you know what's right and best for you.

As a young adult you will want more say in your support, and you will work out as you go along how well you fit with the person employed. They will listen and learn too, if they are suitable for the work.

I hope you enjoy your swimming, it's a fun interest and sounds like you are good at it. I like to swim. It's good that you have that going on as these other changes happen. I remember leaving school after 7 years at the same school, and being 18 and supposedly an adult! It was scarey.

Lots of things to manage that are new and different, we can find all that hard. But I think you will enjoy aspects of all this, even though you are nervous about it. It's exciting in some ways. And you can keep on telling us how things are going, and what you think about it. We all have been through changes as young people, or will be if we haven't yet.
Government bureaucracy is a real nightmare to navigate. The cruelest aspect is that people are forced to be forceful self-advocates when many times they simply don't have the capability to do so. You seem to be doing relatively well however. I don't think anybody will physically hurt you but it's more like "Kid, you're 1 client of 53, you're not special, you will just have to wait over there, now sit down and shut up." Lots of bureaucrats don't care about the people they are supposed to help, or even worse they make fun of them in the break room with their fellow bureaucrats.
This is where your maturity really shows thru. l really like this about you. You have a great ability to weigh the pros and cons, balance emotional needs with essential needs and decide what you need most. That's a challenging concept and not everyone understands this. You continue to impress me. (Cheerleading yells in background).

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