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Friends with an Introvert


I can do anything!
I have a Friend who has Autism like me but they are more introverted than me but i still wish we could talk more or visit somewhere, so what i'm getting at is are there any ways to hang out with a Friend who is Super Introverted and don't go out much? at least every once and awhile?
Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation being the most plausible one.

Just ask your friend what works for them best- on their own terms.
Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation being the most plausible one.

Just ask your friend what works for them best- on their own terms.

That sounds good but there is one more thing...so my Friend is a girl but we are just friends and i know that's not a big deal but in my family they want someone else to be there cause they want me to be "Careful" but mostly I don't want to sound like I'm trying to ask her out cause that would be awkward
It's actually a tricky situation. It depends on your experience in communicating. There must be intuitive understanding how you should keep your distance and be talkative at the same time.
I have troubles at making friends, especially if I'm trying to become a friend of an introvert. Making friends with an extrovert is much easier because the extrovert is active at communicating. But for an introvert it's more complicated to be talkative. There can be various differences.
Factors that prevented to talk to an introverted person were shyness, fear to be awkward and low communication skills.
These factors need to be neutralized by trying to be more calm and not to be stopped by fear.
I apologize if I didn't tell you anything new.
Try offering him sunflower seeds or his favorite treat to get him out of his cage.
I'm certain people have that problem with me - getting me out of the house, that is. And sunflower seeds wouldn't work, but chocolate might. LOL JK
I would stick to texting, messaging, facetime or whatever for now. I'm very introverted and enjoy typing much more than talking.
It's best to arrange an activity with them which is not based round talking, such as a movie or a game.

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