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Does anyone wear the same clothes over and over?


Active Member
yep, been in the same outfit for about 8yrs now, similar prior to that. Always a baseball cap and sunglasses, a snug black crewneck tee, relaxed bootcut jeans, white cotton seamless socks and my Dakota kevlar/composite work boots.. that they no longer make.. wardrobe is drastically larger but I can never pull myself away from comfort, not for trend, style or good fashion sense.. luckily because of preferring snug-fit clothes apparently my comfort style actually looks half decent as long as I haven’t sullied or torn them, common occurrence always jumping elbow deep into mechanical problems, good clothes are nearly non existent past one week of restocking.


Well-Known Member
Not really the same clothes, as I have a good variety of things. It's more or less the same style. Sleeveless shirt and shorts. It definitely has to do with sensory, as I feel like I can move more freely, and unlike wearing slacks and anything with sleeves (even a T-shirt or Polo), I don't feel like my clothes weigh me down. Shorts, however, need to be short--7" inseam at the very most. I don't care if it hasn't been a trend for nearly 40 years, it's what "I" like.


Active Member
This is an autism thing, right? And can anyone relate to it?
This was one of the questions on the autism test. It said something like, "do you wear the same clothes over and over?" When I read that, I thought to myself, I don't wear the same clothes over and over! So I was about to mark never when I looked down and realized I was on day three wearing this new shirt I had bought. It has a pleasing color and pattern, I liked the feel of the shirt and how the fabric lays, and it had a nice smell. I knew that, once it was washed, some of this quality of newness would be ruined. It's the first new shirt I've bought in...two years?

Caveat: I do make sure when re-wearing clothing that there is minimal smell and that I don't wear the same thing around the same people in any given repeat appearance, lest I give folks ammunition for criticism.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I don't wear the same clothes everyday.

Instead I just stick to the one style, tracksuit pants with downward prints and hoodies or regular t-shirts with horizontal prints. I love wearing tracksuit pants that matches the tops as I said before.

I also wear full polyester tracksuits which is something that I mainly wear to swim in since I do not wear shorts of any description unless when I am at work in Summer time.


Video game and movie addict.
V.I.P Member
Well, I do wear a wide variety of clothing over and over. I do not need to go clothes shopping anytime soon. I have my work shirts dry cleaned on a regular basis.


There's NOTHING to fix!
V.I.P Member
I've been reading this, and yes I stock up when I find something comfortable, that labels can be easily removed. I usually get multiple colors in the same comfort/style.
I have dressed up for evening wear when my life was a little zippier, but as much as a thrill to put on something sensual and quirky, it better not itch... if one thing about it itched, I'd have to edit whatever the culprit was out of the evening. If I found something that was exceptionally comfy I would stock up to the point of hoarding!


Haha, I have a ton of clothes (mostly similar) but I wear the same two or three things over and over again. God forbid anyone tries to throw out the things I don't wear though :tearsofjoy:


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I can do, like hoodies etc. I have depression and stay in a lot lately, I lived in my night shirt and leggings, I don't have to change for bed.


I vary my costume a bit now, as it cycles through the laundry, but once, I had a tech job that provided a green uniform. I saw no reason to change at home. Then Halloween came around, and I borrowed jeans and a checkered shirt from a roommate. My other roommates didn't recognize me, even before I finished the costume.


Often I wear the same t-shirt for the week, but that's more out of laziness than ritual.
(They don't stink though, I swear - If they did I wouldn't feel anyway.)

My jackets are sometimes dubbed "second skin", because when I enamour with one, I tend to use it for months. But a good jacket is like a prized vest you only buy once a year, and my relatives do that also, so I'm excused.

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