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Does anyone wear the same clothes over and over?


Old , worn out T-shirts ( tags removed ) are my fave . I've had some of them for 20 years . Jeans in cold weather an Khaki shorts in warm . No exceptions , just ask my children :sunglasses:


Well-Known Member
I also have a very limited wardrobe of clothes that I wear for years, until they are falling apart. Once they have become too ragged even for me to wear in public, I reassign them as house clothes only, and then for DIY jobs around the house or garden. Some eventually become car repair clothes. I've never taken any old clothes to a charity shop because by the time I have finished with them, the shop wouldn't even consider them, I suspect.


Well-Known Member
I wonder if this is actually the result of executive dysfunction?

I suppose what one person calls dysfunctional behaviour, another may call functional. To me, it makes perfect sense to maximise the utility one gets from clothes, or any other purchases, and keep using them for as long as possible. From that standpoint, discarding perfectly usable clothing and buying new ones because they are considered to be the latest in fashion, looks pretty dysfunctional!


I am uncomfortable with thinking about dressing in such a way as to impress or in some way influence the way in which other people perceive me . It's probably not to my advantage to be this way but I struggle with it and I don't know if it's an executive function thing or about low self esteem .
yep, all the time. i do have a closet full of clothes but i just like wearing the same of my extra comfy t-shirts and sweatshorts, sweatpants and camo shorts. i really don't like tight clothes or jeans (i have 2 pairs that i don't mind wearing around the winter but most of my pairs are never worn). that's kind of the reason why i hate the winter sometimes. i actually have some pairs of some sweatshorts that i own multiples of and once in a while someone will probably think that i don't change. if i find something extra comfy then i'll definitely try to get multiple pairs. i may be picky with lots of things in life but i know what i like.


Well-Known Member
Once I find a particular item of clothing that I feel comfortable wearing, and that fits well, I usually buy multiples of them.


Awkward Moss
I dated someone with a different sort of autism experience than me. He had a wardrobe of the same shirt and pants, even socks and underwear. Multiple pairs, mind you - but all exactly the same style and brands. In the winter he had one single hoodie and one single jacket. One single hat. One set of gloves. I joked with him that he dressed like a cartoon character (since they always wear the same clothes unless there's some gag involving clothing) which he found extremely funny and accurate. Unfortunately he would wear them until there were holes between the legs/crotch big enough to put your hand through (this is not an exaggeration) and did not clean them often. Brilliant guy, adored him.


I have lots of clothes. But they are all the same. Jeans, baggy t-shirts and sports shorts.

I wear the same clothes to work, church, social engagements, even weddings. Can’t wear anything tight or firm fitting. Everything has to fit perfectly or be a size too big.

And don’t get me started on tags

Emily Write

New Member
I wear my fewer new cartoon t shirts way more often on repeat over many old plain shirts. That's because I like how they look good and express what I like.


Relax, it's just chaos.
Yep. I have been wearing the same shirt and shorts about 5 days in a row.

Plus when it is time for new shirts and pants I get the same brand and type of hoodie, shirt, pants and shorts in the verious colors they come in, within a certain color range. Basically like a uniform.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I actually can’t imagine an autistic person who doesn’t get attached to wearing the same clothes over and over. One of the only “normal” boyfriend I’ve ever had was always rather shocked by how few clothes I own compared to how many women are “supposed to” own. My friends and family just accept it.


Chicken Chaser
There are a few outfits I wear over and over, in a certain rotation. It essentially rotates from most comfortable to least comfortable. It for some reason frustrates my mother, and the only time I deviate from it is if a part of an outfit got dirty for some reason and I had to change it. I will then usually use the next item, like the next pair of pants/shorts I would have worn.


New Member
I am a bit excessive as in the past 20 years or so I have only changed my wardrobe once or twice, and that's because they stopped making my preferred choice of cargo pants. So I moved on to slack, and now jeans with spandex/cotton blend.

I'll be clear about this, if you look at a picture of me from 10 years ago, it would appear that I am wearing the exact same thing right now... white cotton/polyester blend tshirts, blue jeans (again, spandex/cotton blend here), and tennis/running shoes.
On top of that, I usually have 5-7 days worth of these clothes and end up wearing them every day for 2-5 years or so and wear them out until they're basically rags. Time to go buy some more white tshirts and jeans.

The only exceptions are the cold months where I will wear long sleeve shirts(these last me decades), and a jacket(usually last at least 10 years). Or some sort of dress up event, usually just a nice shirt on top of my same everyday attire.

I don't see anything abnormal about this, I realize not many people do what I do with clothes, but to me it's normal lol.

Tony Ramirez

Single guy not by choice with Asperger's Syndrome
I wear the same shorts outside and sometimes I wear my Drone Zone tee-shirt to make a purpose.

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
Over and Over? Not exactly....

What I'm wearing right now:

Dark grey 'motley' shirt

Black jeans, but they faded, so technically they're grey and match.


They are really battered and have tears, and I should throw them away...apparently,thats a style..they call ' rugged' but I would' not go outside in damaged or overly 'distressed clothing. I don't like that style.

But I have like 20+ shirts, and I always wear the black ones, sometimes, maroon, sometimes, blue. Maybe even army green. But... 90% of the time....black. I just feel... more comfortable in...black. So...Yeah I wear the same crap year round.

Blacktop & Black/Navy jeans is my go to combo.

And if I wear anything else,it has to be with...black.

Oh I will wear wear white tops, but never outside....I guess I'm startin to sound weird. Yes, I'm obsessive about what I wear.

Oh and white trousers, somebody once said...That's feminine, so I would never wear that...same for pink...If it's even remotely considered non masculine,I will not wear it. I don;t care what's fashionable or not. I have my own taste. And it most resembles, casual street wear....check out David Beckham. I think he has good style. That's what I consider good. Thats what I try to model myself after. That's what I like.

Also I'm still lookin for some blood red clothing....Science, says it makes you more attractive lol, something about eye gaze. Got to get some of that. Though it's kinda aggressive, and gaudy. And I like to dress...if anything..humble.


V.I.P Member
I wear loose fitting gym shorts in summer and sweat pants in winter also like wearing white cotton t-shirts around house I hate wearing Jeans and Dressing up clothes.

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